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Katy Perry is seeking $5.3 million in damages from an 84-year-old vet

Even more shocking, the greedy singer he didn’t even know how many other homes he owned in Santa Barbara County, according to excerpts from his statement.

When asked how many houses he had, Perry stammered, “One, two, three … wait. Wait. Three.”

“Now that Ms. Perry claims she has lost $2,670,000 in rental income that she would have paid by renting out Mr. Westcott’s home (despite her sworn testimony that she was not buying to rent), she adds another $2,669,682 in rent and rental housing maintenance expenses he allegedly incurred because he allegedly had to rent a replacement home for $75,000 per month starting January 7, 2022 (despite the three other homes he owns in Santa Barbara staying “on the weekends” or “for fun”), for a total damage claim of $5,339,682.

“Not allowing Mr. Westcott (to make a second statement) would allow Ms. Perry to intentionally withhold evidence and in an unjust trial”.


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