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Kash Patel Asks Why Republican State CEOs Aren’t Going After Biden Crime Family: Insight Report

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Let’s be honest. With Joe Biden eating ice cream in the White House and Merrick Garland arming the DOJ to defend the Biden Crime family, there is no chance that anything close to justice will ever come to Hunter or anyone else in the family.

It is up to Republican state attorneys general to prosecute wrongdoers. So why aren’t they? As Kash Patel pointed out Social Truth, Democrat AGs go after Donald Trump and other Republicans all the time. Why hasn’t Hunter Biden at least been brought to justice for crimes in red states?

Genesis Gold Group

Is there any state AG or DA willing to prosecute Hunter Biden/family for the crimes they have committed in their red states? They do it to @realDonaldTrump, why are you so afraid to act? You have 24 hours to move, then I’m naming names right here at @truthsocial…MAN UP

This was posted Tuesday afternoon. We’ll see what Patel posts on Wednesday as we can assume the AGs and DAs on the right will do nothing.

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