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KARMA! Every Host On ‘The View’ Needs To Find New Jobs

KARMA! Every Host On ‘The View’ Needs To Find New Jobs

Title: Karma Strikes: Every Host On ‘The View’ Needs To Find New Jobs


‘The View’ has long been a popular daytime talk show, featuring a diverse group of women discussing a range of topics. Throughout its history, the show has courted controversy, with panelists often engaging in heated exchanges. However, recent events have shown that perhaps karma has caught up with the hosts of ‘The View,’ making it clear that it’s time for them to find new jobs.

1. Whoopi Goldberg: The Voice of Hypocrisy

One of the most prominent members of ‘The View’ is Whoopi Goldberg, who often positions herself as an advocate of tolerance and understanding. However, her actions have demonstrated a double standard time and again. Whether it’s shutting down conservative voices or spreading misinformation, Goldberg’s hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed. Karma suggests that her time on ‘The View’ has run its course.

2. Joy Behar: The Queen of Contempt

Joy Behar has made a name for herself on ‘The View’ with her sharp tongue and contemptuous demeanor. While some may argue that this is what makes her entertaining, it’s easy to see that her constant snarky comments and dismissive attitude have created a toxic environment on the show. The universe seems to be pointing out that it is time for Behar to find a new platform.

3. Meghan McCain: The Perpetual Victim

From the moment Meghan McCain joined ‘The View,’ she positioned herself as a victim, frequently playing the martyr card during discussions. Whether it’s playing the conservative underdog or centering herself during debates, her privileged background often shines through. However, karma seems to be suggesting that it’s time for McCain to step out of the limelight and truly understand the perspectives of others.

4. Sunny Hostin: The Filtered Pundit

Sunny Hostin, a former prosecutor, often takes the role of the voice of reason on ‘The View.’ Unfortunately, her legal background doesn’t always translate into unbiased analysis. Hostin frequently filters stories through her own biases, making her arguments seem one-sided and lacking in objectivity. Perhaps it’s time for Hostin to embrace a new platform that allows for a more balanced and fair approach.


While ‘The View’ has enjoyed ratings success over the years, recent events suggest that the universe is trying to send a message to the show’s hosts. Whether it’s hypocrisy, contempt, victimhood, or biased analysis, each host on ‘The View’ seems to have reached their expiration date. It’s time for them to acknowledge the signs and gracefully move on to fresh opportunities. Karma has spoken, and new doors await them.

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