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Kari Lake Being Considered For Trump’s VP Pick

Kari Lake Being Considered For Trump’s VP Pick


The race for the 2024 presidential election is starting to heat up, and with it comes the speculation around who will run and who will join them on the ticket as the vice president. One name that has been thrown into the mix recently is Kari Lake, a former Fox 10 anchor and current gubernatorial candidate for Arizona. Lake’s conservative views, dedication to the Republican Party, and charisma have made her a rosy choice for President Trump’s vice president.

Early Life and Career

Kari Lake was born on October 26th, 1967, in Duluth, Minnesota. She attended the University of Minnesota where she earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Her first job in television news was at KBJR-TV in Duluth, where she reported on local news stories. From there, she moved to Billings, Montana, and then to Phoenix, Arizona, where she began her tenure at Fox 10.

At Fox 10, Lake worked her way up from being a weekend anchor to the main evening news anchor. She received accolades for her work, including two Emmy Awards for her coverage of the Serial Shooter case and the Baseline Killer case.

However, in 2018, Lake decided to leave Fox 10 after 22 years. She told the Arizona Republic that she wanted to move “closer to the community” and run for public office.

Political Career

In 2020, Lake announced that she would be running for governor of Arizona as a Republican. She ran on a platform of securing the border, lowering taxes, and protecting Second Amendment rights. Her campaign has been controversial, with some criticizing her for being too far to the right, while others laud her as a champion of conservative values.

However, despite the criticisms, Lake’s campaign has garnered a lot of attention. She has been endorsed by several conservative groups, including the National Rifle Association and the Center for Arizona Policy. Her outspokenness on issues such as immigration and the Second Amendment has also made her popular among voters who are frustrated with the current political climate.

Kari Lake and President Trump

In 2021, former President Donald Trump visited Arizona to speak at a rally. Lake was in attendance, and her appearance with Trump sparked rumors that she was being considered as his running mate for the 2024 election. Trump has not officially announced his candidacy but has teased that he is considering a run.

Lake’s appearance at the rally was not her first interaction with Trump. In 2019, she interviewed him for Fox 10, drawing criticism and praise for her handling of the interview. During the interview, Lake asked Trump about his use of social media and immigration policies.

The recent rumors about Lake being considered as Trump’s running mate have drawn both positive and negative reactions. Supporters of the former president see Lake as a strong ally who would help him win the election. On the other hand, opponents argue that Lake’s controversial views and lack of political experience make her unfit for the job.

Lake’s Response to the Rumors

When asked about the rumors that she is being considered for Trump’s vice president, Lake gave a vague response. She told the Arizona Republic, “I’m flattered, but I’m running for governor of Arizona right now. That’s where my focus is.”

However, Lake has been seen as a strong supporter of Trump’s policies in the past. Her campaign website prominently displays her support for “Trump’s America First agenda.” Additionally, her comments on issues such as immigration and gun rights align with Trump’s views.


Kari Lake’s conservative views and charisma have made her a popular figure within the Republican Party. Her campaign for governor of Arizona has garnered a lot of attention, with some viewing her as a champion of conservative values and others criticizing her for being too far to the right.

The recent rumors about her being considered for Trump’s vice president have stirred up controversy, with supporters praising her as a strong ally and opponents arguing that she is unfit for the job. Lake has not confirmed or denied the rumors, but her past interactions with Trump and her public support for his policies suggest that she would be a willing and enthusiastic running mate if asked.

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