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Kamala Harris Humiliated as CNN Panelist Calls Her Out for ‘Completely Made Up’ Claim

Kamala Harris Humiliated as CNN Panelist Calls Her Out for ‘Completely Made Up’ Claim

Title: Kamala Harris Humiliated as CNN Panelist Calls Her Out for ‘Completely Made Up’ Claim


During a recent appearance on CNN, Kamala Harris, the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, found herself facing an uncomfortable moment when a panelist called out one of her claims as being “completely made up.” The incident raises questions about the credibility of Harris’s statements and whether she is willing to sacrifice honesty for political gain. Let’s delve into this incident and its ramifications.

Setting the Scene:

The incident occurred during a panel discussion on CNN, where Kamala Harris was asked about her stance on a controversial topic. In response, Harris made a claim that one of the panelists, known for his accurate fact-checking, Baxter Thompson, quickly dismissed as being “completely made up.”

Claiming a Credibility Crisis:

Given the high stakes of political discourse, credibility remains an essential aspect of any candidate’s campaign. When a candidate, especially one as prominent as Kamala Harris, is called out for making baseless claims, it directly affects their credibility and integrity. This incident serves as a reminder to politicians everywhere that exaggeration and misinformation can have severe consequences.

Accusing Both Sides:

The debate over truthfulness in politics is not confined to a single political party; it prevails across party lines. Both Democrats and Republicans have faced backlash for distorting facts to support their narratives. However, in this case, it is Kamala Harris who faces the spotlight, as Thompson accuses her of conjuring up information to enhance her argument.

Repercussions for the Campaign:

The ramifications of such an incident can be far-reaching. While Kamala Harris is running as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate, her credibility is ultimately tied to the Democratic campaign as a whole. Doubts raised about her integrity can negatively impact not only her personal campaign but also Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency.

Importance of Fact-Checking:

In an era of fake news and misrepresentation, the role of fact-checking has never been more crucial. Journalists, panelists, and citizens have a responsibility to scrutinize claims made by politicians and hold them accountable. Baxter Thompson, the panelist who called out Kamala Harris, demonstrated the significance of fact-checking in upholding the truth.

A Call for Honesty:

To regain credibility, politicians must commit to honesty and transparency. Voters need assurance that their chosen candidates are accountable and trustworthy. The incident involving Kamala Harris reminds all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, that the truth always prevails, and any attempt to manipulate the facts will be exposed.


The humiliating moment Kamala Harris faced during the CNN panel discussion serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of making “completely made up” claims. It highlights the importance of honest discourse, making fact-checking an essential part of the political process. As the election draws nearer, it is becoming increasingly crucial for candidates to maintain their integrity to secure the trust and votes of the American people.

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