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Joe Biden rides a dead horse with the new COVID ‘vaccine’

Joe Biden rides a dead horse with the new COVID ‘vaccine’

COVID-19 will never go away, and these people will never stop until they are forced to stop. Going back to 2020, I have issued these two warnings [kicked those two dead horses] hundreds of times in articles, videos and social media posts. Moonshine’s initial and exclusive lens was immediately established in early 2020, and it was a lens that no one else assumed, much less proved: COVID-19 IS A BUSINESS FRAUD.

Once you come to discern, reconcile and accept the fact that COVID-19 is a BUSINESS FRAUD, the rest of the picture comes into play in a way that is clear and convincing but difficult to accept, assuming that it is capable of divorce from conventional propaganda. and objectively applying logical deduction.

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There is no coherent explanation for the COVID-19 “pandemic” other than BUSINESS FRAUD, and this is especially so through the medical lens.

Medically, nothing about COVID-19 has made sense since day one when we were told not to worry, not to wear a mask. [that will never work]and only allowing infected travelers to arrive on international flights from their origin, China.

“Uhhh, boooooga boooooga boooooga!” – to be afraid of something you can’t see or touch and certainly don’t understand.



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Be terrified and then not take a single proactive or pre-emptive step towards this terror, which has not yet arrived, to mitigate the situation and intercede in the known disasters that are sure to follow.

Then expect the disease to take root in the US with regional outbreaks of “new cases,” a made-up term coined in mid-April 2020 to away from the propagandized narrative of mortality, the gold standard reference for real pandemics, at a precise time when mortality was in decline. – and then start masking [that will never work]social distancing [that will never work]confinements [that only make it worse] and “vaccination” [that will definitely work but not in the way you want it to unless you’re looking to maim yourself or commit suicide].

You can’t have a pandemic when mortality is down, folks; it’s that simple, and that’s why every granular aspect of COVID-19 is two things: BUSINESS FRAUD and BIOWARFARE.

What is China’s primary and doctrinal war vector?

It’s biological warfare.

Where did Anthony Fauci send US millions to develop SARS-CoV-2 through NIAID and the conduit of Peter Daszak and the Ecohealth Alliance?

It is the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

Daszak talks about it here in a video linked near the bottom: Construction Timeline of Business Fraud COVID-19: Key Dates, Events, Entities and Legislation.

None of this makes sense outside of the lens of BUSINESS FRAUD, which is why the analysis at Moonshine remains watertight years later, and why the COVID-19 projections are accurately manifesting one after the other. other

This is all very old Moonshine analysis, and it’s just a drop in the ocean.

The broader lens that incorporates the analysis of business fraud of COVID-19 includes China’s doctrinal war against the US, and whereby the US has become embroiled in an asymmetric, irregular and undeclared war with China and other hostiles from August 2019 at the latest.

I first wrote this position on May 6th, just a few months after the “pandemic” when the rest of the world was panicking over a “pandemic” that didn’t exist except as a construction of corporate fraud that served as vehicle for war. .

Fraudulently predicated infection and mortality data stolen primarily from flu/pneumonia were pulled out of thin air to cause “panic” to cause a “pandemic” where it never existed, and America fell in love with this



Here, it is summarized in 1:02:

May 21, I said this: “New cases” outnumbered the 2020-2021 pandemic as I previously identified and reported that The “variants” will bridge the gap between 2021 and 2022… I stand firm on two very long positions: 1) these people will never stop until they are stopped, and 2) COVID-19 is not going anywhere.”

On November 26, 21, I said this: “Evidence is mounting that this is, by design, a vaccination pandemic spreading like one of the unvaccinated to force the latter to join the former in what appears to be our mass extinction. Psychological warfare is fully at hand, especially the Chinese variety. That’s why the truth is so important.

With 40,000 “variants” of SARS-CoV-2 gene sequences existing in patent applications [Martin/MCAM] and is positioned to serve a perpetual design business fraud construct that takes advantage of the same annual flu/pneumonia season that has always existed and always will, COVID-19 never goes away, and these people will never stop until they do. to stop

Favorite dead horses kicked. Broken records have been played. It’s Groundhog Day again. But Nu reasons to be very afraid.

Only for shy and weak minded people.

Dead horses kicked again.”

On November 29, 21, I said this: “Well, America. I have bad news, good news, and good news for you. The bad news is made up of my two favorite dead horses to kick: 1-COVID is never going away, and 2-these people are never going to stop until they do.” force them to stop. The good news is that you can take your country back right now…”

The same evidence-based message has been repeated hundreds and hundreds of times.

Now consider this title: Biden to fund new COVID vaccine ‘for everyone … whether they’ve had it before or not’.

From the article, examine the following, noting that it is a new “variant” that is used precisely as I have long analyzed and demonstrated, and more recently in this piece: COVID-19, RICO, and Corporate Fraud: Fool Me Once, Fool Me, Fool Me Twice, Fool Me.

Too, note the use of “new cases” rather than mortality data [emphasis added].

President Joe Biden told reporters Friday that he plans to ask Congress for more money to develop one new vaccine against the coronavirus.

“I signed a proposal this morning that we must submit to Congress a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary, necessary, that works,” the White House explained. transcription reads.

“Tentatively, it is recommended that… It will likely be recommended that everyone get it, regardless of whether they’ve gotten it before or not.

The ad follows an engraving increase in cases of Covid-19 in some regions, who has been accompanied the return of mask mandates and classes canceled by some universities and companies.

New vaccines containing the omicron strain version XBB.1.5 they are already being developed by Pfizer, Novavax and Moderna. However, the continued mutation of the virus will likely require updated vaccines.

The Biden administration request for additional funding to Congress for the start of the new fiscal year did not include the COVID-19 vaccines. Instead, the White House asked for roughly $40 billion to fund key near-term priorities, including more aid for Ukraine, federal disaster funds, climate change and border priorities. –the hill

Zero Hedge

Making short work of this and as explained in these three recent articles and about 450 others, here is the analysis: 1-COVID-19, RICO, and Corporate Fraud: Fool Me Once, Fool Me, Fool Me Twice, Fool Me2-ANALYSIS: Tucker and Trump tell the truth to America and what comes next3-The Trajectory Raises and Things Intensify as Elections Approach: COVID-19, Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, and World War III.

ANALYSIS: The Biden administration is taking advantage 1 misapplied RT-PCR tests calibrated with faulty high cycle thresholds, 2 tampered NVSS diagnostic guides, 3 tampered medical coding and 4 tampered issuance of death certificates to create another “pandemic” of fraudulent data [“new cases”] out of the air

Remember that when calibrated to high cycle-faulty thresholds, RT-PCR tests have the very specific net effect of producing false-positive “new cases” in abundance and out of thin air.

This places the pandemic narrative in front of the 2023-2024 flu/pneumonia season, which falls before the 2024 election.

It will cause a direct replay of the previous video as we relive a worse version of 2020.

*See the full list of highly informative graphic illustrations here: Construction Timeline of Business Fraud COVID-19: Key Dates, Events, Entities and Legislation.

The introduction of the new “variant” is happening on a similar election timeline to 2020: Elections 1-2020: first “pandemic” report on 27 Dec 19, Elections 2-2024: first report of pandemic four months earlier, in August 2023.

The earlier August first report date provides a longer incubation period to increase the fraudulent data needed to justify a [fraudulently predicated] pandemic declaration as occurred on March 13, 20 and slowly the population towards another electoral “pandemic”.

Joe Biden is not campaigning before an election because the robbery is already underway, just like he was in 2020 and how he didn’t campaign properly then.

COVID-19 is a construct of corporate fraud that was used to modify behavior, intercede and steal an election, and remove a sitting president to install a Chinese proxy in the Executive.

SARS-CoV-2 has outlived its usefulness, so a new “variant” has been introduced and connected to the construction to drag the country through the spring/summer/autumn death of the flu/pneumonia and the front load in 2024. elections that are in the process of being stolen.

Joe Biden has ridden a dead horse with his election recovery from COVID-19, and unsurprisingly, it’s the dead horse[s] I’ve hit hundreds and hundreds of times.

This is because proper analysis of the evidence keeps findings on the straight and narrow.

More importantly, these dead horses are painstakingly obtained and evidenced.

Will Americans allow themselves to be let down again, or have they learned their lesson with the intention of standing firm in the face of tyranny for what is already headed our way?

It only gets worse until we as one do something different.

The choice belongs to each individual American.

Choose wisely.

The struggle belongs to every American as a single and united people.

Fight bravely.

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