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Jim Jordan Launches ‘Disinformation’ Investigation to Uncover Biden’s ‘Censorship’ Scheme

EXCLUSIVE – Hthe president of the Judiciary Jim Jordan (R-OH) is disclosing an investigation into an alleged “disinformation” watchdog group that he says is involved in “censoring” disfavored speech on social media along with the Biden administration.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate, a British non-profit group with a US-affiliated charity, was charged on Monday lawsuit by X Corp., previously Twitter, of making “false” claims after alleging that hate speech increased on the platform since Elon Musk took over in October. Now, Jordan is demanding that the center turn over records by Aug. 17 that could detail the extent of its White House-linked efforts to target the First Amendment, according to a letter the president sent to the center on Thursday.


“We know from the Facebook files that the Center to Combat Digital Hate was working with the White House to censor speech,” said a GOP congressional aide with knowledge of the investigation. “But how far has it gone? Republicans want to find out, and of course subpoenas are on the table if we don’t get answers.”

Jordan’s letter, which was first obtained by Washington Examineris the last climb of the GOP efforts to investigate as the federal government has, in some cases, coordinated with the private sector to mark certain speech, including speech related to COVID-19, as “misinformation” or “misinformation.” The president has recently been diffusion cited documents from Facebook, now called Meta, showing how the platform maintained close contact with the Biden administration on content moderation.

Other sets of emails produced in connection with this subpoena, not previously reported and shared with the Washington Examinersheds light on the influence of the Center for Countering Digital Hate among top Facebook employees and the highest levels of government.

In April 2021, a Facebook employee responded in an email thread called “Vaccination Policy” to colleagues with a “draft escalation email” for internal use, citing March 2021 from the Center for Countering Digital Hate. report called “The Misinformation Dozen,” according to records. The report cited people the center alleged “are twelve anti-vaccinationists who play a prominent role in spreading digital misinformation about COVID vaccines,” and counts the 2024 Democratic presidential hopeful. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. like one of them.

“We also continue to see pressure from partners and policymakers, including the White House, to remove entities deemed to be contributing to a large amount of vaccine misinformation content (commonly known as the ‘misinformation dozen’ of which CCDH claims to be responsible for 73% of vaccine misinformation on Facebook),” the employee wrote to his colleagues.

The email continued: “We continue to monitor these entities on the platform and are also reviewing the platform off-platform, but we do not believe we currently have a clear path to remove them.”

Screenshot/House Judiciary Committee/Facebook/April 2021 Emails

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s former vice president of communications and now Meta’s president of global affairs, sent an email on May 1, 2021 to Andy Slavitt, who at the time was senior adviser to the coordinator of the COVID- 19, according to the records obtained by the Washington Examiner.

Clegg told Slavitt, however, that those described in the “Dozen Misinformation” document “do not violate our policies and have not stopped posting content that violates it,” noting that Facebook’s policies are still “designed to remove groups and pages dedicated to sharing discouraging vaccine content and we continue to review and enforce them when we become aware of them.”

“I realize that our position on this remains a particular concern to you, which is why our teams engage regularly with a range of experts to check whether we are striking the right balance here,” Clegg wrote in the email electronic


Screenshot/House Judiciary Committee/Facebook/Emails

Meta did not respond aa Washington Examiner request for comment. Spokesman Andy Stone recently he said Forbes Meta will “continue to comply, as we have done to date, with requests in good faith” from Jordan.

“We are interested in understanding the interactions between the Center to Combat Digital Hate (CCDH) and the federal government in particular, as well as between the CCDH and social media companies,” Jordan wrote in his letter to the director center general, Imran Ahmed. “The CCDH claims that ‘social media companies erode basic human rights and civil liberties by enabling the spread of hate and misinformation online.’

In his letter, Jordan asked the center for communications dating back to January 2015 between himself and employees, contractors or representatives of the executive branch or social media companies “in reference to or related to the moderation, deletion, removal, restriction, demonetization or reduction. circulation of content,” as well as “the accuracy or truth of the content” and “the attribution of content to the source or participating in an operation of malign influence or sponsored by the State”.

The president also requested a list of employees, contractors or agents of the center who have “communicated” with technology companies or the government about content moderation, and details about contracts or grants received from the US government about this practice

Jordan’s letter comes weeks after the conservative group America First Legal announced his move to begin a series of records requests to agencies, including the FBI and the State Department, to uncover possible government communications with the Center to Combat Digital Hate and Ahmed.

In May 2021, White House staffer Rob Flaherty emailed a Facebook employee to mark a widely shared post apparently argued that it highlighted how Facebook was not doing enough to moderate content, according to the documents. The post, from an account called Dee Roy, showed a man wearing a mask holding a sign against masks and vaccines.

“Your ‘vaccine dedicated vaccine’ policy doesn’t seem to be stopping the misinformation dozen, they are considered not dedicated, so it looks like this problem is likely moving to the groups,” Flaherty wrote in the email.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 11.52.41.png

Screenshot/America First Legal/Rob Flaherty/FB

Gene Hamilton, vice president and general counsel of the AFL, said Washington Examiner this is a “foreign operation” because the center is trying to tell US citizens what they should be able to post online.


“Why do we even begin to care what they say?” Hamilton said. “But apparently some people, most notably the Biden White House, have been willing to do their bidding in America. There’s more to it than meets the eye, and I think people will be surprised by what they find.”

The Center for Countering Digital Hate did not return a request for comment.


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