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Japanese Doctor Successfully Loses 55 Pounds Drinking ‘Green Tea Coffee’

Japanese Doctor Successfully Loses 55 Pounds Drinking ‘Green Tea Coffee’

Japanese doctor Dr. Takafumi Kudo lost over 55 pounds (25 kilograms) using his Green Tea Coffee Weight-Loss Method.

Since the publication of his book “The Green Tea Coffee Weight Loss Method” in 2018, the method has been a popular topic and favored by overweight and obese people in Japan.

Dr. Takafumi is a multidisciplinary physician. His frustration was that no matter how much he instructed his patients to use diet or exercise therapy, they couldn’t put it into practice.

Is there a workable way for a person with weak willpower to lose weight?

After conducting research, Dr. Takafumi discovered that combining green tea and coffee can improve the chance of success in weight loss without diet restriction or exercise.

Dr. Takafumi’s method is straightforward. Mixing and drinking green tea and coffee in a 1:1 ratio is one of the simplest weight-loss methods available.

How the Green Tea Coffee Mix Aids in Weight Loss

Dr. Takafumi’s weight loss method primarily uses the compounds contained in the drink, such as theanine, catechin, caffeine, and chlorogenic acid.

Green tea is rich in theanine and catechins, which reduce body fat, and caffeine (contained in green tea) has a slimming effect.

Both theanine and caffeine are diuretic, which helps eliminate excess water from the body.

Additionally, when caffeine combines with catechin and chlorogenic acid, it accelerates fat burning.

Green tea and coffee can be a good balance of their respective nutrients. Dr. Takafumi explained that green tea catechins and polyphenol chlorogenic acid in coffee have the effect of burning fat. By mixing them, they increase mutual synergy and can prevent the intake of too much caffeine and other factors that cause adverse effects.

For example, 150 milliliters of coffee contains 60 to 90 milligrams of caffeine, while 150 milliliters of green tea contains 30 milligrams of caffeine. After mixing 100 milliliters of green tea and coffee, the caffeine content reduces to only 70 milligrams.

Human blood sugar rises after consuming food. When blood sugar rises, insulin also increases, making it easier for sugar to convert into fat.

Catechin and chlorogenic acid both inhibit blood sugar levels from elevating. Moreover, a cup of mixed green tea and coffee can control blood sugar levels, making it easier to lose weight.

In addition, theanine in green tea relaxes the mind and parasympathetic nervous system. At the same time, coffee’s aroma helps regulate the autonomic nervous system, which benefits the parasympathetic nerves.

What does all that mean?

In simple terms, drinking green tea and coffee mix refreshes your mind and reduces anxiety.

What Are the Effects of the Green Tea Coffee Method?

Several years ago, Dr. Takafumi was a doctor weighing over 200 pounds.

He decided to self-experiment with the Green Tea Coffee Weight-Loss Method for 10 months. The results were remarkable: He lost over 55 pounds and kept the weight off.

“This weight-loss method can also prevent hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia,” Dr. Takafumi added.

The Japanese doctor opened a weight-loss clinic in his father’s hospital to promote the successful weight-loss method.

Dr. Takafumi has guided more than 100 patients with obesity to drink green tea and coffee and helped his patients shed an average of over 13.6 pounds per month.

His weight-loss method has become a popular topic on television.

A man with obesity, Mr. Otani, posted an article about his experience after trying Dr. Takafumi’s Green Tea Coffee Method for a month. He said, “I lost 1.4 kg in a month following the directions.”

Mr. Otani also added how simple it was to drink green tea and coffee only before meals. He began to feel the effect after drinking green tea coffee for seven to 10 consecutive days.

Mr. Otani did not increase his strength training or aerobic exercise during the period.

When Is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea Coffee?

You only need three cups of green tea coffee daily, and each cup should be about 250 to 350 milliliters. Drinking before meals prevents overeating.

Dr. Takafumi added, “Consuming an hour before working out will speed up fat burning.”

Who is suitable for the Green Tea Coffee Weight Loss Method?

Dr. Takafumi says in the book that his weight loss method is suitable for the following people:

Those who have tried different ways to lose weight but have not succeeded
Those who live a busy life, dine out, or lack the willpower to manage their diet or work out routines
Those who don’t necessarily think they’re overweight but are self-conscious about their belly
Those who have been ordered to lose weight by medical professionals due to chronic diseases and complications

Who Should Avoid the Method?

People with anemia, poor gastrointestinal health, and an allergy to caffeine should not use the Green Tea Coffee Method to lose weight.

How to Select Tea or Coffee

For coffee, Dr. Takafumi says as long as it contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid, it will be fine. Even instant coffee will work the same.

However, since chlorogenic acid in coffee will decrease after roasting, lightly roasted coffee will work better than dark roasted coffee for weight loss.

If you choose prepackaged, canned, or bottled coffee, make sure it is pure black coffee without sugar or milk.

Any tea with catechin and theanine will be fine. It can be black, oolong, roasted, or Pu’er.

You can use fresh or instant tea or coffee and tea bags from the store. All you need to do is mix tea containing catechin and coffee in a 1:1 ratio.

Medical researchers at Kyushu University, Japan, conducted a follow-up study published in BMJ Journals in 2020 on 4,923 patients with Type 2 diabetes and found that the mortality rate reduced to approximately 51 percent in participants who drank two to three cups of green tea and over two cups of coffee daily.

The mortality rate decreased by about 58 percent in participants who drank more than four cups of green tea and one cup of coffee daily.

The mortality rate drastically dropped by 63 percent in participants who consumed over four cups of green tea and more than two cups of coffee daily.

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