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James Comer shares the latest damning updates to the Biden Crime Family investigation |

During his latest appearance on Maria Bartiromo’s show, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer exposed how Hunter Biden was allegedly copied on numerous government emails while his father Joe was vice president, all this related to Ukraine.

“We have learned that Joe Biden used at least three pseudonyms or false names in emails that he was receiving from people in the federal government and people who worked for him,” Comer told Baritomo, adding that Hunter copied himself in these emails.

Comer said evidence continues to pile up showing that then-Vice President Biden went to Ukraine for the sole purpose of fighting prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma for corruption. Biden is infamous they boasted publicly about Shokin’s dismissal. “It is obvious that Joe Biden abused his power as Vice President for the sole purpose of protecting his son who was receiving millions and millions of dollars from this corrupt Ukrainian energy company and this email ties Joe Biden and Hunter Biden to this scheme of corruption without a shadow of a doubt,” Comer added.

Comer also revealed that his committee has faced unprecedented levels of obstruction. “We know, from talking to the banks, that they are under considerable pressure not to cooperate with us. “I have been saying for months that we are facing obstruction like no other in the history of congressional investigations. We’re not just being obstructed by Biden’s legal team. We are being obstructed by the Department of Justice. We’re being obstructed by the FBI, by the Secret Service, by the IRS, by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee.”

Eating continued; “And the next question is, are we going to be obstructed by the new special counsel, David Weiss, investigating this? We’ve produced — with every subpoena we’ve issued, we’ve produced more new damaging evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in the drug-trafficking schemes his family’s influences. And we believe the next bank records we’re going to subpoena will tell a much bigger story about Joe Biden’s involvement in this Biden influence-peddling scheme or Biden corruption.”


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