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It’s official: Australia has just fallen, and it can’t get up…

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If there is a hill to fight and die for, it should be the war against a cashless society. Beyond its obvious impact on political dissidents and the vulnerable, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) gives governments the power to remove anyone they deem undesirable, for any reason. Digital currency represents the ultimate nuclear weapon in the arsenal of tyrannical governments, and they would not hesitate to use it against their own citizens as a means of complete and utter control. Imagine this scenario: US President X is challenged by Citizen Z’s social media posts. With the push of a button, Citizen Z suddenly finds himself unable to buy groceries, medicine, or fill his car with gas. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? However, remember that not too long ago, the idea of ​​a former US president arrested 19 times also seemed unbelievable, but here we are.

And unfortunately, the digital currency push is already taking root. It looks like the guys from Down Under will be the first to officially fall, which isn’t surprising since they were the first to institute COVID camps.

There is a small silver lining for people Down Under: Australia has an extensive network for buying gold and gemstones that for now remains beyond the government’s reach. However, conservative Aussies may want to consider packing their bags and making a quick exit while they can still buy a plane ticket.

Let this be a lesson: it is imperative that the United States take a firm stand on its own and never back down and allow digital currency to advance. As Joe Rogan rightly said, this would be “game over” for many of us.

Digital currency is the battlefield we can’t afford to lose: it’s a hill to die on. The government is aware of this fact and will push it relentlessly, because it is fully aware of the monumental stake it entails.



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