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It was all a hoax: Over 80 Canadian Christian churches burned down during two years of media lies…

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For two years, Christian churches in Canada have been set on fire. The reason? A story pushed by left-wing activists and the media who claim that dozens of indigenous children were buried on the land where these places of worship were located.


Churches have been burned in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. Almost all were on indigenous land, destroyed, it seems, in response to the deaths of children who were taken away from their families and sent to schools in a policy of forced assimilation.

Was this story checked before the media incited arsonists and unleashed them on churches? Absolutely not. After all, liberal democracy prioritizes emotion and violence over facts. Now, however, we know that the entire two-year saga was a massive hoax thanks to two major digs that found no evidence of buried children. The sad truth is that crazed leftist animals burned down at least 81 Christian churches, all based on a leftist media lie. Meanwhile, the government, led by Trudeau, gave its stamp of approval to these fires by sitting back and watching it unfold without doing anything to stop it.

Here’s a photo of Canada’s theater premier taking advantage of a saccharine photo op.

The leftist modernist pope fell hook, line and sinker for the deception.

sick things

Tucker covered this story on his show last year.

But now we know, it was all a hoax.

Canada didn’t have a “dark and bleak” past for liberals to be angry about, so they made one up. In this way, the left could fuel division and incite destruction, all armed with an “understandable” and “practical” excuse. Sound familiar? It’s pretty much what they did with George Floyd, turning a convicted thug into a makeshift saint.

What a big stain on Canada.

The New York Post:

After two years of horror stories about alleged mass graves of Indigenous children at residential schools across Canada, a series of recent digs at suspected sites have turned up no human remains.

Some academics and politicians say it’s further proof that the stories are unproven.

Minegoziibe Anishinabe, an indigenous group also known as Pine Creek First Nation, excavated 14 sites in the basement of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Catholic Church near Pine Creek Residential School in Manitoba over four weeks this summer

The so-called “anomalies” were first detected by ground-penetrating radar, but on August 18, Chief Derek Nepinak of the remote Pine Creek Indian Reservation said no remains were found.

He also referred to the effort as an “initial dig,” leading some who were skeptical of the original claims to think that more is still planned.

“I don’t like to use the word hoax because it’s too strong, but there are also too many falsehoods circulating on this subject without evidence,” Jacques Rouillard, professor emeritus in the Department of History at the University of Montreal, told The. Wednesday post

This latest revelation of a hoax deals yet another blow to the contrived “outrage” fueling left-wing activism. These activists do not seek justice or right past wrongs. Instead, they focus on sowing division, causing destruction and dismantling society. They want a convenient “excuse” to let them wreak havoc while the rest of us sit back and watch them burn everything to the ground.



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