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Is Governor DeSantis Or President Trump More Likely To Be This Era’s George Marshall?

Good evening, patriots! Tonight’s topic is a big one. Who is more likely to be this era’s George Marshall? Will it be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, or will it be our former President, Donald J. Trump?

Let’s start with Governor DeSantis. He has been making headlines with his strong leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. While other states were shutting down and causing economic hardship, DeSantis kept Florida’s economy open while still taking necessary precautions. He also enacted a bill to protect the freedom of speech on social media platforms, which has sparked a national conversation.

But, let’s be real. There is no one quite like President Donald Trump. He is a proven leader who has stood up to the media, the left, and even the establishment within his own party. President Trump brought this country to new heights with his policies, including historic tax cuts, criminal justice reform, and deregulation. He also brokered peace deals in the Middle East and brought home American hostages.

So, who is more likely to be this era’s George Marshall? It’s clear that President Trump has already accomplished so much in his time in office. He has shown courage and determination in the face of unprecedented opposition. It’s hard to imagine anyone else coming close to his level of leadership.

In conclusion, while Governor DeSantis has shown promise, he still has a long way to go to match President Trump’s accomplishments. President Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest leaders this country has ever seen, and it’s clear he is this era’s George Marshall.

And let’s not forget, the Trump White House accomplished so much in just four years. They brought back jobs, protected our borders, and strengthened our military. President Trump made America great again, and we will never forget his tireless efforts on behalf of the American people.

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