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Is DeSantis an “establishment tool”? Darren Beattie’s answer will surprise you…

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Many conservatives feel a little uneasy about Ron DeSantis’ campaign because it is flush with anti-Trump money. Plus, she has fans like Paul Ryan and Jeb! Bush. If establishment bigwigs like Ryan and Bush are cheering for DeSantis, does that mean he’s just another establishment pawn? That’s what journalist Glenn Greenwald asked Revolver’s own Darren Beattie, and his answer was revealing.

Darren proposes that each GOP candidate be asked what actions they plan to take for the American people that would impeach them.

If the Deep State isn’t enraged by your every move, and the One Party isn’t trying to overthrow you at every turn, can you claim to be a “fighter” for the American people?

You can watch the excellent full episode of System Update here.




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