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In the upcoming biography, Tucker Carlson discusses Mike Pence, describing the former vice president as “creepy as hell” and a “sinister figure” who intentionally sabotaged Trump’s presidency.

If you have noticed tension in the room between Tucker Carlson and former Vice President Mike Pence during the recent Blaze Media Presidential Forum in Iowa, rest assured, the dislike between the two men did not come out of the blue over a heated disagreement over U.S. Ukraine policy. No, that level of animus was built up over several decades.

The Dossier has acquired an advance copy of TUCKER, the new one authorized biography of Tucker Carlsonwhich will hit bookstores on August 1. The book is really a biography and a series of no-holds-barred interviews.

And the segment on how Tucker Carlson feels about the former vice president gives the reader an idea of ​​what they’re getting into.

Discussing his tenure on CNN, Carlson recalled that Mike Pence was one of the most frequent guests booked on his show. Pence, then an ambitious young congressman, was “creepy as hell” even then, Carlson says.

“I’ve been around him a lot and I always felt he was a totally sinister, cowardly, dishonest figure,” Chadwick Moore tells author. “Everything about Pence is fake.”

Carlson tells the author that he believes Pence intentionally sabotaged the Trump administration throughout his tenure. He believes Pence’s campaign of insubordination went into overdrive during the era of covid hysteria, when he defended the White House’s notorious coronavirus task force and handed unprecedented power to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

While noting that this does not absolve President Trump of ultimate responsibility for his actions, Carlson sees Pence’s role as someone deployed in the administration to “undermine Trump and keep an eye on him.”

We’ll be reporting more on TUCKER in the coming days. Feel free to leave a comment on the answers about book topics you’d like to read!

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