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ICYMI: Rep. Chip Roy of Texas has been trying to destroy AG Ken Paxton for almost 4 years….

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Rep. Chip Roy of Texas has never been a “Trump enthusiast.” But he has flown under the radar, like Trey Gowdy. Chip, like Trey, is known for his fiery rhetoric that isn’t always backed up by action. He has a penchant for delivering impassioned speeches on the House floor, unapologetically telling Biden and others to “go to hell.” He also scores a lot of PR points with his unwavering stance on the US border issue. However, when it comes to concrete achievements, many critics label Chip Roy as a closeted NeverTrumper who offers more talk than substance. Consequently, it was no shock when Chip threw his support behind Governor Ron DeSantis for the 2024 race instead of endorsing President Trump. However, what really surprises us is how Rep. Chip Roy targeted tough, popular Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in 2020, during the early stages of the Bush-led impeachment plan.

In 2020, when the assault on Ken Paxton initially unfolded, Rep. Chip Roy of Texas wasted no time in issuing a statement urging Ken Paxton to resign. Who needs evidence or proof these days? All it takes is a few allegations from so-called “whistleblowers” and everyone rushes into action. One would hope that we would have learned the lesson of Russia’s deception and the two impeachments against President Trump, but unfortunately, establishment figures like Chip Roy don’t seem to appreciate those kinds of lessons.

Here’s what Chip Roy wrote in his facebook post on October 5, 2020:

For the sake of the people of Texas and the extraordinary public servants who serve in the Office of the Attorney General, Attorney General Ken Paxton must resign.

The allegations of bribery, abuse of office and other charges brought against him by at least 7 senior leaders of the Prosecutor’s Office are more than troubling in terms of substance. But any grace to resolve differences and prove whether the allegations are false was removed by his choice, instead, to attack the very people he put in charge of running the office, some of whom I know well and the whose character is irreproachable.

The work of the Texas Attorney General’s Office is too critical to the state and its people to step out into chaos and risk the work of more than 700 attorneys handling nearly 30,000 legal cases at any given time, including important cases before the US Supreme Court. Court, in addition to processing over $4 billion in child support.

The Attorney General deserves his days in court, but the people of Texas deserve a fully functioning AG’s office.

As we are now fully aware, the assault on Paxton was orchestrated by the Bush family and led by George P. Bush, a guy who once posed as an ally of President Trump. It was all a set up and it turned out to be a complete farce. They had no evidence against Paxton. Yet even in the absence of evidence, Rep. Chip Roy was one of the first to go after Paxton and, in the process, helped validate a politically motivated, Bush-led mock attack on America’s warrior -First. What does this reveal about Chip Roy’s true character, or perhaps more accurately, his true loyalties? Nothing good, that’s for sure.



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