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“I wonder what’s going on with your campaign?… What happened?” – Maria Bartiromo Corners Ron DeSantis on Sunday Interview (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Governor Ron DeSantis joined Maria Bartiromo Sunder Morning Futures this morning.

Maria did not hesitate to ask the difficult questions. Maria cornered Governor DeSantis in his stalled campaign. DeSantis has failed to put a dent in President Trump’s huge lead in the Republican presidential primaries.

Governor DeSantis dismissed claims of a stalled campaign, attributing them to media narratives intended to undermine his candidacy.

“I wonder what’s going on with your campaign? There was a lot of optimism about your run for president earlier this year, but here’s this weekend’s headline from Politico’s playbook: “LAUNCH FAILURE – Governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis campaign to overthrow DONALD TRUMP has stalled.” We’re way behind, says a senior DeSantis PAC official, sounding the alarm. What happened?” Maria Bartiromo asked.

DeSantis asserted that the media is aware of its potential to defeat President Biden and enact policies they can oppose. DeSantis emphasized the importance of building grassroots support in early primary states, highlighting the recent launch of the “mom movement” initiative with his wife in Iowa. He believes that parents, especially mothers, will play a crucial role in both the primary and general elections.

Maria, these are narratives. The media don’t want me to be the nominee. I think it’s very, very clear. Because? Because they know I’m going to beat Biden. But more importantly, they know I’m actually going to do all these things,” DeSantis said.

Bartiromo drew attention to a recent poll showing DeSantis trailing former President Donald Trump, who was leading with 56 percent support compared to DeSantis’ 22 percent. In response, DeSantis acknowledged Trump’s popularity, but focused on addressing the issue of corruption within the justice system. He pledged to end the “weaponization” of government agencies, advocating for the appointment of a new FBI director on day one.

“I think one of the reasons why Donald Trump is in charge is because of the corruption and the injustice of our justice system,” DeSantis said.

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