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“I guess Greg Abbott was right” that Democrats would turn on Biden when dealing with migrants

On Wednesday’s broadcast of NBC’s “MTP Now,” host Chuck Todd discussed complaints and demands for federal government help from Democratic officials in New York and Massachusetts over the influx of migrants into the his areas and said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) was “right” that Democratic-led cities would be angry with the Biden administration once they had to bear the brunt of the influx of migrants.

While mocking a segment about the “growing humanitarian crisis” in New York City and New York’s demands for federal aid, Todd said, “I guess Greg Abbott was right when he said, once he goes get the blue cities to deal with this, which would be very upset with the federal government.”

Added, “[T]Here’s a lot of background to this story and this: The governor of Texas had been complaining about the administration not helping for months and he said, well, I’m going to start sending these migrants to the blue states, maybe they’ll get it. some action He has proven himself right in that he knew other governors, no matter Democrats or Republicans, would also feel burdened by this. And indeed, here we are.”

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