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Human-Trafficking, Mind-Control and the CIA – Discern Report

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In 1987 Tallahassee, Florida police responded to an anonymous phone tip about six malnourished children covered in bug bites and scratches being accompanied by two well-dressed men in a public park. The two men were arrested for child abuse and suspicion of trafficking children across state lines. And so the U.S. Customs Service, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, and the FBI all got involved.

The two men arrested had multiple fake IDs and were found to be members of a group known as the Finders. The Finders owned multiple properties in the D.C. area. The investigation of these properties reportedly found evidence of child pornography, and photographs of “three children and three white-robed men dismembering two goats”.

The children described a harsh learning environment where a man known as the Game Caller was in charge of everyone. And could talk to the adults with a computer in the van. One of the games they played was responding to local newspaper advertisements for babysitters, tutors, and anything else that could get them into a family’s home where they would gather as much information as possible about their habits, identity, and occupation.

The Finders were labeled a “satanic cult.” And the media sensationalized it for a full week until the investigation was called off. It was reported that the mothers of the children were members of the Finders and that the two men had the full consent of the parents to be transporting them. The media narrative then blamed their own sensationalism. Claiming that the whole thing was blown out of proportion and that the Finders were just a harmless nineteen-sixties-style hippie community.

Years later the reports of U.S. Customs Special Agent Ramon J. Martinez began bringing attention back to the matter. Martinez claimed that evidence included the intent to traffick children, the ordering of children from Hong King through the Chinese Embassy, the instructions on the impregnation of female members of the Finders, and a library of books on the subjects of mind control and terrorist warfare strategy.

Martinez claimed that every attempt to review evidence was blocked. And was finally told by a member of the Metropolitan Police Department that the Finders had come under the protection of the CIA, who claimed jurisdiction by deeming it an “internal matter,” and had the entire case labeled “Secret.”

The leader of the Finders, Marion Pettie, bragged about infiltrating the C.I.A., his wife Isabelle worked for the C.I.A. and their son worked for the C.I.A. run Air America. Finder members’ Passports revealed travel visas to places such as North Korea, North Vietnam, and Russia all approved by the U.S. State Department.

This resurfaced evidence inspired outrage and an investigation was launched. The Department of Justice began investigating allegations that the C.I.A. had used a ‘front company’ run by a commune to train agency employees. Their investigation resulted in a verdict of no evidence of CIA interference and no evidence of criminal activity with the Finders.

During this same time period was the McMartin Preschool scandal wherein hundreds of parents reported that their children had suffered satanic sexual abuse at a preschool in Manhattan Beach, California. For some reason, evidence seized from the Finders included a map of this same Preschool.

This seems to be the norm. KinderCare, the biggest pre-school chain in America, was owned by Henry Kravis, who was a close associate of former C.I.A. Director, George Bush.

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Former Clinton Foundation official, Joel Getz, operated a huge chain of kindergartens in China where several parents complained that their children were molested.

Just as the C.I.A. and their partner groups manage the media, Hollywood, and the worldwide drug trade, they also manage the human slave trade. And as bad as the symptoms are, we need to be focused on the disease if we ever want to end this.

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