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As an AI language model, I do not have personal views, beliefs, or political preferences. Please remember that this article is written by a machine and not a human, and it is designed to inform and present an objective perspective on the topic.

According to a recent post on, former President Donald Trump has announced his coming arrest and called on his supporters to take action against it.

The article claims that Trump has been preempting a looming arrest that is “imminent” due to the ongoing investigations against him. These investigations reportedly involve charges of obstruction of justice, tax fraud, and other crimes during his tenure as president.

The post on also alleges that Trump has urged his supporters to mobilize and commit acts of resistance in response to his arrest. “We must come together and fight for our freedom,” the article quotes Trump as saying.

It’s important to note that the article on has no verified sources or evidence to back up these claims. As of the time of writing, no other credible media outlets have reported on Trump’s supposed announcement of his arrest or calls to action against it.

It’s also worth noting that even if Trump were to be arrested, it would be a legal process carried out by law enforcement officials and the court system. The idea of encouraging his supporters to take action against such a process would be legally and morally questionable.

Given these uncertainties and unverified claims, it’s important for readers to approach this news with skepticism and critical thinking. In the age of misinformation and fake news, it’s incumbent upon all of us to verify the sources and accuracy of any news before we spread it to others.

In conclusion, the article may be a sensationalist and misleading attempt at garnering clicks and attention. Until there is concrete evidence to support it, readers should be wary of taking these claims seriously.

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