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As the U.S presidential race heats up, it seems that Joe Biden is coming under fire for his alleged involvement in a classified documents scandal. A recent report by the New York Post has revealed that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, had a business deal with a Chinese energy company that would have given him access to classified information.

The bombshell dropped alleges that in 2017, Hunter Biden helped arrange a meeting between a senior executive of a Chinese state-owned energy company and his father, Joe Biden. According to the report, Hunter Biden stood to gain at least $10 million a year as a result of the business deal.

This scandal has already sparked questions about Joe Biden’s ability to handle classified information and whether he was aware of his son’s business dealings. While the Biden campaign has denied wrongdoing, the allegations have continued to dog the campaign in the final stretch.

The scandal also highlights the ongoing debate around the Biden family’s ties to foreign entities. Hunter Biden has been accused of leveraging his father’s position in government to further his own business interests. This latest revelation only adds fuel to the fire of these accusations.

Politically, the scandal has given the Trump campaign ammunition in their efforts to discredit Joe Biden. President Trump has already seized on the story, using it to drum up support from his base and paint Biden as a corrupt politician who is not fit to lead the country.

Some have argued that the allegations against Hunter Biden could also undermine U.S national security if it turns out that classified information was compromised. If true, it would be a major breach of trust and a significant threat to national security.

As the election fast approaches, it remains to be seen just how damaging this scandal will be for the Biden campaign. For now, it is clear that the issue is not going away anytime soon, and may continue to dog the Biden campaign until the final votes are cast.

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