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House Republicans explore impeachment inquiry into Biden

US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has begun steps toward a possible impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden over alleged financial misconduct involving his family. McCarthy cites a “culture of corruption” surrounding the first family and asserted that “House Republicans have uncovered serious allegations against President Biden’s actions.”

In the upcoming closed-door sessions, McCarthy intends to gather lawmakers to discuss possible impeachment proceedings. Addressing the press, he commented: “We will proceed as the evidence leads us.”

The central charge by Republicans, who hold a slim majority in the House, is that during Biden’s tenure as vice president (2009-2017), he may have benefited financially from the international business endeavors of his son, Hunter Biden. Remarkably, no concrete evidence has been presented so far.

The president mentioned that several committees will begin collecting data on alleged financial crimes. However, Mark Bednar, representing President McCarthy, clarified that there is no advance vote on the impeachment inquiry at this time.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer dismissed the potential investigation, saying, “Americans expect us to make their lives better, not engage in wild hunts and witch hunts.” A former associate of Hunter Biden testified before the House, implying that Hunter sold access to power during Biden’s term as vice president.

The Biden administration refutes these claims, with the president himself joking about possible impeachment.

It’s worth noting that when Democrats ran the House, President Donald Trump faced two impeachment trials in 2019 and 2021, only to be acquitted by the Senate. Some conservative Republicans have hinted at removing McCarthy as House leader if he does not push for President Biden’s impeachment.

However, any move to impeach Biden is considered unlikely. Even if the House were to vote in favor, the Democratic-led Senate would almost certainly block those efforts.

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