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House Republicans announce: ‘We have documents showing how the Biden family receives money from the CCP’

House Republicans announce: ‘We have documents showing how the Biden family receives money from the CCP’

The chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), has revealed that his committee has documents showing that the Biden family has been receiving money from the Chinese Communist Party.

“We finally have people cooperating with us,” Comer told Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo. “I think we all know that the Biden administration is stopping, Janet Yellen is cracking down, not forwarding the bank violations. But fortunately, since we last spoke, we have bank records in hand.”

“We have people working with our committee,” Comer continued. “In the last two weeks we have met with these people personally or with their lawyers and they would be four people who have ties to the Biden family in their various plans around the world.”

“We now have documents in hand that show exactly how the Biden family obtained money from the Chinese Communist Party,” he added.

“And, and I’ll tell you, it’s as bad as we thought, Maria,” he said. “It’s very troubling. And in a way, I, I’m kind of glad that Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, and the Biden administration have been shutting us down because when I asked for this information two weeks ago compared with today because of what we have now in our hands. We have a much stronger case in court why we need these documents that the Biden family is withholding and that the government is withholding.”

“So they’ve inadvertently helped our case in our quest to get these documents where we can give the American people the truth and transparency that they deserve from their leadership in Washington,” he said.

“Congressman, this is very extraordinary,” Bartiromo commented. “This is America’s number one adversary, and you are just telling us that the Biden family has accepted money. What does the CCP have on the Biden family, and this is the reason for China’s soft approach?

“Congressman James Comer. Congressman, tell us about Kathy Chung,” he asked. “She’s coming in to be impeached by your committee. What do you expect?”

“Well, we’ll do a transcribed interview with Ms. Chung,” he replied. “We have a lot of questions about his role in moving documents. Now we all know that Joe Biden has mishandled classified documents and at least five different locations. We know from text messages and email that he got the job to help with the Biden family and move documents on the recommendation of Hunter Biden.

“Given Hunter Biden, what we see in the bank records and the emails and text messages with all the influence peddling he’s done, we wonder why Hunter Biden was so concerned about the Joe Biden documents?” he went. “So we have a lot of questions for Ms. Chung, and hopefully she’ll come voluntarily and we’ll have a chance to get some answers.”

“Tell me about the bank records. Mr. President, what did you learn from these bank records that you obtained?” Bartiromo asked. “These are Hunter Biden’s bank records.”

“These are people with the various businesses, so to speak, that the Biden family was involved in this case, China,” Comer said. “And what it looks like is that there were a lot of transfers from one account to another a lot of transfers on the same day. That’s probably one of the reasons why they got so many reports of suspicious activity, which are the bank breaches of banks”.

“The banks would see this as, well, they must be laundering money or something,” he continued. “I don’t think they were necessarily laundering money, Maria. It seems to me that they were trying to hide the source of this money and the source was the Chinese Communist Party.”

“So my question to the Bidens, when I have this opportunity, is if you are conducting legitimate business activities, why so many transfers?” he asked. “Why, why were you trying to hide the source of this money?”

“Wow,” Bartiromo said. “We must continue to investigate this. Mr. President.”

After the Chinese spy balloon surveilled the United States unimpeded until it crossed into the Atlantic Ocean, the FBI and Department of Energy report that the Wuhan lab leak theory is “probable” and the Biden’s policies on energy and mining that finally look favorable. in Communist China, the American people are wondering: What does the CCP have over the Bidens?

It looks like they’re about to find out soon.


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