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High-speed train crash kills five railway workers in Italy

In a tragic incident near Turin, Italy, a high-speed train struck and killed five railway workers engaged in track maintenance. The workers, aged between 22 and 52, were working between the Turin and Milan line when the empty passenger train passed Brandizzo station at approximately 100 mph. Two other workers survived the collision without injury, but were hospitalized for observation.

Paolo Bodoni, mayor of Brandizzo, has stated that an investigation into the accident is already underway. The driver of the train, who was treated for a crash at the scene, has been released but will be questioned further about the incident.

The Italian railway network (RFI) has issued a statement expressing its “deep sorrow” for the event and has conveyed its condolences to the families of the victim. Bodoni described the crash as “appalling” and a “massive tragedy”.

Initial reports indicate that workers were replacing about 33 feet of track when the accident occurred, and some victims were dragged hundreds of yards down the track. The mayor mentioned that while it is too early to draw conclusions, a breakdown in communication could be a contributing factor to the devastating accident.

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