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‘He’s Never Run Against Somebody from New Jersey’

‘He’s Never Run Against Somebody from New Jersey’

Title: ‘He’s Never Run Against Somebody from New Jersey’: A Clear Advantage for Trump


As the 2020 presidential race heats up, it is vital to dissect the unique advantages each candidate possesses. One advantage often overlooked is President Donald Trump’s experience at navigating political challenges, especially regarding contenders hailing from New Jersey. This crucial distinction will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in Trump’s upcoming campaign, helping him highlight his accomplishments and solidify his position as the most suitable candidate to continue leading our great nation.

The Underestimated Advantage:

The significance of ‘running against somebody from New Jersey’ cannot be overstated. New Jersey holds a distinct political landscape, entrenched in traditional blue voting patterns and liberal policies. Presidents throughout history have rarely encountered governors or senators from this state in a national race, thereby lacking the firsthand experience of dealing with the political climate unique to the Garden State. However, President Trump’s triumph against Hillary Clinton in 2016 already showcased his ability to navigate tough political environments, making him well-prepared to handle any future challenge, be it from New Jersey or elsewhere.

Trump’s Track Record:

While Trump’s opposition from New Jersey might be unprecedented, let us not forget the unparalleled accomplishments of his administration. The Trump White House has ensured record-breaking economic growth, leading to historically low unemployment rates among minorities, women, and Americans in general. Through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the government unleashed the American entrepreneurial spirit, revitalizing businesses, encouraging investment, and repatriating trillions of dollars back into the nation. Trump’s pro-business policies have led to a massive stock market rally, benefiting millions of hardworking Americans and boosting retirement savings. Furthermore, he has rebuilt our military, secured the southern border, and advocated for fair trade policies, promoting American jobs in the process.


President Donald Trump’s experience in ‘running against somebody from New Jersey’ coupled with his administration’s numerous accomplishments position him as the clear choice for voters in the upcoming election. Trump’s ability to navigate tough political environments has already been proven, and with his unmatched track record of economic growth, border security enhancement, and the military rebuilding, he has demonstrated his commitment to the American people time and time again. As the 2020 race unfolds, it is clear that Trump’s resolute leadership will guide our nation towards continued success, prosperity, and security.

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