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Hershey’s Boycott called for after featuring transgender woman in Woman’s Day campaign – One America News Network

Hershey’s Boycott called for after featuring transgender woman in Woman’s Day campaign – One America News Network

In this photo illustration, Hershey’s chocolate bars are shown on July 16, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

OAN Sophia Flores
UPDATED 4:55 PM PT – Thursday, March 2, 2023

Hershey’s Canada is under heat after choosing a transgender woman to be featured in the chocolate company’s International Woman’s Day campaign.

The company’s latest ad titled “HER for SHE” featured five women who “shine a light on women and girls who inspire us every day.” The limited edition “HER for SHE” chocolate bars will feature the faces of the five women from the commercial.

The women featured on the bars include Autumn Peltier, an Indigenous rights and water activist; Naila Moloo, a climate technology researcher; Rita Audi, a gender and education equality activist; Kélicia Massala, the founder of Girl up Québec; and Fae Johnstone, a human rights activist and the executive director of consulting firm Wisdom2Action.

Many are angered with the decision to showcase Johnstone as one of the five women due to Johnstone being transgender.

Shortly after the video was released on Thursday, Twitter hashtag #BoycottHersheys was the top trending tag in the United States. It held the number 16 spot in Canada.

Many people were not shy to speak out about the controversy. In an exclusive statement to One America News, Oli London, a British social media influencer who transitioned and then detransitioned, shared his thoughts.

“I think it is an absolute disgrace to have a biological man pretending to be a woman front a campaign intended for International Women’s Day,” Oli said. “Hershey’s has chosen to go woke, so they will go broke. People everywhere, including myself, are outraged by such a blatant disregard for women and what it means to become a woman. The man fronting the new women’s campaign has previously tweeted his intense hatred of women stating ‘a political environment where TERFS [Women] are so vilified they don’t dare speak their views publicly, let alone act on them. Shut them down.’ This person clearly hates women and has no right to try to dictate what a woman is, let alone be the face of a women’s campaign. Until Hershey’s and other woke companies have respect for women, they will see their profits slump. Go woke, go broke”.

The company is standing by their decision to partner with the trans-rights activist. Johnstone and the Hershey communications team plans to release a statement soon.

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