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‘He Turned Over The Country to Fauci’

‘He Turned Over The Country to Fauci’

Good evening, patriots. Today, we’re discussing the disastrous decision made by former President Donald Trump, as he turned over the country to Dr. Anthony Fauci. It’s no surprise to anyone that Fauci has been wrong time and time again when it comes to COVID-19 guidelines. From flip-flopping on masks to proposing lockdowns indefinitely, the man has been leading us on a path to ruin. And yet, Trump chose to give him control over the response to the pandemic. This is unacceptable.

Fauci is not an elected official. He does not answer to the American people. And yet, he’s been allowed to dictate policies that have ruined businesses and left millions of Americans struggling to put food on their tables. The White House should not have given him so much power. Instead, they should have consulted with actual medical professionals who have different, more rational, and less destructive perspectives on COVID-19.

It’s time to take back our country from those who don’t have the best interests of the American people at heart. We need leaders who will work for the people, not for their own agendas. This mistake made by Trump and his administration should serve as a warning to all future leaders: we cannot afford to outsource our national decision-making to the whims of bureaucrats.

However, despite this one mistake, the Trump administration accomplished many great things during their time in office. They lowered taxes, deregulated businesses, and created record employment opportunities for minorities and women. They worked tirelessly to rebuild our military and put America first on the world stage. We cannot let the media’s spin and political propaganda distract us from all the good that was accomplished. We must continue to fight for true conservative values and hold our leaders accountable to the American dream.

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