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Hawaiian Electric removed evidence before investigators arrived

Hawaiian Electric removed evidence before investigators arrived

In a stunning revelation that has sent shockwaves through Hawaii, a recent report alleges that Hawaiian Electric removed evidence from the scene of a devastating fire. Here’s an in-depth look at the circumstances surrounding the incident and its implications.

Hawaiian Electric accused of tampering with evidence

Hawaiian Electric, one of the state’s largest utility providers, is now under scrutiny after allegations that the company removed evidence from the scene of the Lahaina fire. The details were revealed in documents obtained by the Washington Postraising serious questions about the role of the company and its management of the consequences.

the incident

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The Lahaina fire in question was the deadliest in more than 100 years in the United States. The inferno killed at least 115 people, with hundreds more still missing, according to official sources. Many locals and other investigative journalists believe they are not being honest about the true death toll.

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Withdrawal of evidence

Hawaiian Electric representatives allegedly removed vital evidence from the scene, hampering the ongoing investigation, according to the documents. This test could have been crucial in determining the cause of the fire and understanding whether any negligence or misconduct had occurred.

The evidence removed included power lines, downed poles, transformers and conductors. The act of handling a crime or accident scene is taken very seriously, and allegations can have serious legal implications for the company. Hawaiian Electric already faces at least eight lawsuits related to the fire.


The allegations against Hawaiian Electric are a major cause for concern and reflect a broader issue of corporate accountability and responsibility. The incident serves as a stark reminder that even prominent and established organizations must adhere to the rule of law and act with integrity.

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