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Have you heard the horror mystery story “The Lost Girls of Panama?” |

This is an intriguing true crime story that continues to baffle investigators to this day.

In 2014, two Dutch tourists, Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, embarked on a hiking adventure in Panama, but tragically never returned. A few months later, authorities made a disturbing discovery: the remains of his bleached bones along with disturbing images on his recovered phones.

Further investigations into her mysterious disappearance revealed a chilling narrative, involving her struggle for survival in the dense jungle, possible foul play and even the dark underbelly of sex-trafficking.

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From The daily beast:

A few months after his disappearance, a backpack with his phones, camera, money and some clothes washed up on the banks of the Culebra River.

Dozens of photos were found on the camera, including a dark series of photographs taken at night. Panamanian authorities hoped he could shed some light on what had happened, perhaps even trace back to the girls. But time was running short and expectations were dwarfed by the near-impossibility for anyone, even seasoned jungle dwellers, to survive the rugged terrain, endless rains and remorseless torrents created by the rainy season , now in full swing.

Despite months of searching, in which no effort or expense was spared, Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers were nowhere to be found. It wasn’t until August of that year that pieces of his bones were recovered.

Despite the lingering enigma surrounding the girls’ untimely deaths, two dedicated private investigators, Marja West and Jürgen Snoeren, have delved into an exhaustive research trip for their book on the subject. They believe the tragic event that led to the girls’ deaths was, in fact, an unfortunate accident.

Learning all this information step by step brought them closer to the last 11 days of the girls’ lives, which led to their deaths. An ending that, according to West and Snoeren, had to be accidental. “We were actually surprised as well, but our conclusion had to be that it was an accident. It took us quite a while to get there.”

But there had been a pivotal moment, and it had everything to do with the way the girls’ belongings and remains were found. Snoeren had called West and said: “With everything I’m reading now in the police file, it couldn’t be anything else… there was a certain sequence and time, which had to be caused by the floods sudden, typical of the region and the season. These floods made it impossible to stage scenes or place elements strategically.”

Well, even with West and Snoeren’s opinion that their deaths were accidental, their case still remains unsolved.

I guess time will tell if this theory is true.


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