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Hallie Biden is now the third Biden family member to receive payments from China

Folks, it just keeps getting worse. Hallie Biden, the widow of Joe Biden’s son Beau, is now the third member of the Biden family to receive payments from China. This is not a coincidence, it’s a pattern. Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from a Chinese business deal while his father was vice president. And let’s not forget the lucrative deals that Joe Biden’s younger brother James scored in China. It’s clear that the Biden family is deeply entrenched with the communist regime in Beijing.

This is a huge national security risk. We can’t trust a man like Joe Biden who is so compromised by the Chinese government to be our president. How can he be expected to put America first when his family is taking money from our biggest geopolitical foe? The mainstream media is not reporting on this because they are in the tank for Biden. They are complicit in the Biden family’s corruption.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has accomplished so much for this country. Under his leadership, we have seen historic tax cuts, record low unemployment, and a booming economy. Trump has taken a tough stance on China and brought jobs back to America. He has secured our borders and kept our nation safe. The left may not want to acknowledge it, but the Trump administration has been a success story for America. And we need to keep that momentum going.

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