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Grisham responds to the backlash, ruling that it blocks his order: Bearing Arms


New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham had to know she was going to get pushback with her declaration of a “public health emergency” regarding violent crime in Albuquerque and the subsequent order banning the legal carrying of handguns by fire there

I mean, it’s an order to arms. There’s literally no way I can ignore the fact that a lot of people wouldn’t like it.

However, Grisham got a lot more than he probably bargained for.

I mean, members of his own party backed down. Then, on top of everything, he issued a judgment a restraining order that stops the execution of the rule

But Grisham isn’t taking his lumps and learning from them. No, she’s trying to back off.

The governor told “GMA3” on Wednesday that he has the “courage” to take a stand against gun violence. in response to the reaction on his public health emergency order.

“Everybody is terrified of the backlash of all these political reactions,” Lujan Grisham told Eva Pilgrim on “GMA3” on Wednesday. “None of these individuals or groups focused on the actual injuries or deaths of the public.”

“They’re not treating this like the crisis it is,” he continued.

“How would you feel in a city or a community if people had guns on their belts, in parks, near schools, on public roads, in the grocery store?” Lujan Grisham told “GMA3.” “It’s outrageous and it has to stop. And I’m going to continue to do everything that’s based on science and fact and public safety efforts to clean up our cities to make this the safest state in America. And I won’t stop until it’s done.”

The thing is, they are not the bad guys walking around openly. criminals never door open as far as I could see.

If that’s what Grisham is pushing, it’s about theatrics, not safety. It’s about giving the illusion of improving things. What’s more, she knows it.

Of course, much of this is about responding to rejection at your command.

She also had this to say afterwards the restraining order that is issued.

“As governor, I see the pain of families who lost loved ones to gun violence every day, and I will never stop fighting to prevent other families from enduring these tragedies,” Lujan Grisham said in the written statement .

“In the last four days, I’ve seen more attention to solving the gun violence crisis than in the last four years,” he said.

No she does not.

What she has seen is her entire party, at least those who have spoken out, calling her out for this blatantly unconstitutional action. Everyone has told him he can’t do what he’s tried and now a federal court has done the same.

Grisham’s problem is that he can’t see past his own partisan glasses. He fails to understand that there are possibly ways to address violent crime in cities like Albuquerque that don’t involve restricting people’s rights.

Which is funny, because this whole “public health crisis” isn’t just about restricting guns. Among other things, it calls for state police to go to Albuquerque to help crack down on violent crime in the city. In fact, it does some things that can help them all on their own, and they’re far less controversial than trying to unilaterally restrict someone’s basic, constitutionally protected rights.

Again, so many anti-gun Democrats can’t think beyond gun control to find solutions to these problems.

And that’s a problem, since gun control doesn’t really solve those problems.


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