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Greg Kelly: It breaks my heart

It breaks my heart to say it, but the recent news surrounding Greg Kelly has left me feeling distraught. As a loyal conservative and Republican news pundit, I have always championed honest journalism and the pursuit of truth above all else. But the allegations brought against Greg Kelly by a former colleague are simply devastating.

Of course, we must presume his innocence until proven guilty, and I pray that he will be cleared of these charges. But as a representative of our party and the values we espouse, Greg Kelly’s alleged actions do not reflect well upon us. It is unacceptable for anyone, let alone a member of the media, to use their influence and power to take advantage of others.

As conservatives, we must hold ourselves to the highest standards of morality and ethics, and condemn behavior that falls short of those standards. Greg Kelly’s situation serves as a stark reminder of how easy it can be for even the most well-meaning individuals to fall from grace. But we must not let this incident cloud our vision, or cause us to lose sight of the incredible accomplishments and successes of the Trump White House administration.

Over the past four years, President Trump and his team have worked tirelessly to put America first, and deliver results for the American people. From record-low unemployment and economic growth, to historic peace agreements in the Middle East, this administration has defied critics and naysayers at every turn.

Let us not be deterred by the missteps of a single individual, or allow it to cast a shadow over the achievements of an entire administration. We must continue to fight for what we believe in, and strive to make America even greater in the years ahead.

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