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GOP Debate: Disney ‘Frozen’ Star Josh Gad Slams Candidates’ Climate Stance: ‘F*** These Cowards’

GOP Debate: Disney ‘Frozen’ Star Josh Gad Slams Candidates’ Climate Stance: ‘F*** These Cowards’

Title: GOP Debate: Disney ‘Frozen’ Star Josh Gad Slams Candidates’ Climate Stance: ‘F*** These Cowards’


The GOP debate held recently sparked fury among climate change advocates, including prominent Disney ‘Frozen’ star Josh Gad. Known for his charismatic voice acting as Olaf the snowman, Gad took to social media to express his opinion on the debate, specifically targeting the candidates’ stance on climate change. In a controversial statement, Gad boldly criticized the GOP candidates, accusing them of cowardice and lamenting their refusal to address the grave threat facing our planet.

Gad’s Outspokenness Against Climate Change Denial

Josh Gad, like many Americans, has grown increasingly concerned about the impact of climate change. The actor has long been an outspoken advocate for environmental conservation and has been using his platform to raise awareness about the urgent need for action. As a father, he feels a deep sense of responsibility towards future generations, further emphasizing the importance of addressing the climate crisis promptly.

Clash of Opinions

During the GOP debate, the candidates were asked about their stance on climate change. While some acknowledged the issue, others expressed skepticism or outright denial of its existence. This stark division prompted Gad’s passionate and unfiltered response on Twitter, voicing his frustration and condemnation of their lack of urgency and action.

Gad’s Fury and Accusation of Cowardice

In a tweet that quickly gained attention, Gad vented his frustration with the candidates, stating, “F*** these cowards!” The actor’s language was undoubtedly strong, but it reflects the growing impatience among activists who believe political leaders should prioritize tackling climate change. Gad accused the candidates of cowardice for avoiding the topic rather than taking a proactive approach to combat the climate crisis.

A Call for Greater Accountability

While Gad’s choice of words may be polarizing, it serves as a rallying cry to hold political leaders accountable for their climate actions, or lack thereof. His sentiment resonates with many who feel that the discourse surrounding climate change should not be taken lightly or be subject to political maneuvering.

Celebrity Influence and Responsibility

As a public figure, Gad recognizes his responsibility to use his platform to raise awareness about climate change. His willingness to speak out boldly on an issue that, unfortunately, remains divisive in political circles demonstrates his belief in the power of raising public consciousness. By leveraging his celebrity status, Gad aims to encourage voters to prioritize climate policy when choosing their representatives, ensuring the voices of climate change advocates do not go unheard.


In the wake of the recent GOP debate, Disney ‘Frozen’ star Josh Gad unleashed a passionate tweet criticizing the candidates’ stance on climate change. While his choice of words may have been strong, Gad’s frustration highlights the urgent need for action and accountability in addressing climate change. As the debate around this critical issue continues, it is crucial for public figures like Gad to use their influence responsibly, encouraging individuals to prioritize the environment when making political choices.

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