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Gaetz Says McCarthy’s Talk Is Cheap On Impeaching Biden Given His Track Record Of All Words & No Action [VIDEO]

Gaetz Says McCarthy’s Talk Is Cheap On Impeaching Biden Given His Track Record Of All Words & No Action [VIDEO]

In a recent conversation between radio host Tony Perkins and Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), the subject of potential impeachment inquiries against President Biden came to the forefront. Gaetz suggested that the House GOP was already at a stage where they could consider such an investigation, expressing frustration over the lack of action on previous inquiries called for by Kevin McCarthy.

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The discussion came on the heels of McCarthy’s suggestion that there was a rising amount of evidence to warrant a potential impeachment inquiry into President Biden. In response, Gaetz was clear and succinct, “I think we’re there already.” However, he expressed a lack of faith in McCarthy’s words, given the track record of previous calls for impeachment that did not culminate in action.

“Speaker McCarthy, before his ascent to the speakership, said we were going to open an impeachment inquiry into [Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas, and we haven’t done that,” Gaetz pointed out. He also highlighted that McCarthy suggested an impeachment inquiry against Attorney General Merrick Garland due to the IRS whistleblower information, which has not come to fruition either.

“Now he is largely analyzing evidence that we’ve had for some time about these bank payments from the Chinese through paths through to the Biden family,” Gaetz continued, questioning the political motivation behind McCarthy’s latest call for impeachment. Gaetz criticized what he saw as a pattern of calling for impeachment without follow-through, potentially undermining the credibility and efficacy of such calls.

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Instead of simply talking about potential impeachment, Gaetz emphasized the importance of concrete action and oversight work. He stressed the need to monitor the allocation of government funds, particularly to agencies pushing critical race theory and attempting to create divisions within society.

“Talk is cheap,” Gaetz asserted. “I want to know if we’re going to continue to send money to these agencies.” The Congressman emphasized the importance of holding the government accountable by focusing on its spending habits, noting that it’s Congress’s job to control the purse strings.

Gaetz concluded that by shifting the focus towards financial accountability, the GOP could secure significant wins for their constituents rather than merely posturing with calls for impeachment that never materialize.

As Perkins and Gaetz’s exchange shows, the question of potential impeachment inquiries remains a contentious issue within the GOP, with varying opinions on their feasibility, effectiveness, and timing. However, one point remains clear in Gaetz’s view, real change comes not from talk but from action, particularly when it comes to how the government uses taxpayer money.

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