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Part of Gab’s mission is to export the First Amendment around the world. To do this, we must regularly tell foreign governments to screw up when they request user data and demand that we censor content protected by the First Amendment.

Every time our answer is the same: get lost.

Recently, there has been an increase in “hate speech” legislation around the world as governments strive to prevent people from speaking freely about being replaced and ruled in their home countries by foreigners who do not they share their values. Unfortunately, these “hate speech” laws are not only native to foreign countries without First Amendment protections, but, as we have seen recently, they are also being produced at the behest of the donor class. in the United States in places like Florida.

Let me make one thing very clear: Gab strongly opposes any attempt by the Irish government, or any foreign government, to censor or engage in doxing of Irish users.

The Irish Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hate and Hate Crimes) Act 2022 represents an update to the existing law from 1989. The reason for this update stems from the government’s priority of eroding the freedom from the majority of its citizens in exchange for protecting the fragile feelings of marginalized communities, including people of different races, religions, people with disabilities, and those who identify as LGBTQ.

The updated legislation aims to tackle so-called “hate crimes”, criminalize the denial or trivialization of genocide and expand protections to include gender identity and disability.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee, the bill’s champion, has hit back at claims that speech would be restricted. He emphasizes the distinction between “hate speech” and freedom of expression, with the former intended to “silence and instill fear.”

The new law will introduce specific measures to combat hate crimes, defining them as intentional or reckless communication and behavior likely to incite violence or hatred. Penalties for hate crimes could be up to five years in prison. Victims targeted by prejudice based on age, ability, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or gender will benefit from enhanced protection. Straight white Christians need not apply.

The legislation will make it easier to prosecute hate crimes by allowing prosecutors to rely on the use of hostile insults, gestures or symbols as evidence. However, critics express concern that these changes could lead to censorship of politically incorrect views, including those relating to “trans rights”.

The Prohibition of Incitement to Hate Act, enacted in 1989, criminalises the communication of threatening, abusive or insulting material likely to incite hatred against a group of people. However, people can currently defend themselves against charges by claiming that they did not intend to promote hatred, due to their lack of knowledge or reason to suspect the nature of the content. The new law changes that defense, making people liable for hate crimes even if they allege a lack of intent.

Unfortunately, things got even worse for Christians in Ireland. Other legislation seeks to establish designated areas across Ireland where prayer is prohibited, as shown on the attached map. The proposed legislation, often called an “anti-prayer zone” law, seeks to create designated areas where public prayer would be prohibited.

Anyone who repeatedly protests outside medical centers offering abortions could face a fine of 2,500 euros or six months in prison. The new laws aim to crack down on anyone protesting outside or near medical facilities that offer abortions. The proposals will impose a 100-metre buffer zone outside abortion clinics, within which protests that prevent access or attempts to influence a woman’s decision to have an abortion will be banned.

Gab is committed to being a haven for anonymous free speech in Ireland. We welcome our Irish friends to speak freely on our platform. We will not bow to any demands from your government to censor free speech or harass anyone who participates on our platform. If you’re Irish and Gab, we’re exporting the First Amendment to you. We will do everything in our power to subvert these draconian laws by exporting the First Amendment to Ireland, as is our right under our Constitution.

Andrew Bag
Jesus Christ is King of kings

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