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French riots: Darren Beattie unmasks the surprisingly sinister and complex motive behind the play…

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Many are shocked by what they are seeing happening in France right now. The French are experiencing their own “George Floyd” purge after a police officer shot and killed a North African teenager who was reportedly resisting arrest and threatening him. The incident led to violent and ungrateful migrants rioting and setting fire to their host country.

Police now call this a “civil war” in France; it’s “us against migrants,” according to law enforcement unions across the country.

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It is hard for some to feel sympathy for France when they have seemingly orchestrated their own demise. They willingly opened their doors to a flood of Muslim migrants without regard for French culture. It’s all too easy to point the finger at the French government and call them “stupid”, but the reality is much more complex.

Darren Beattie joined War Room and shed light on how this is all meticulously planned, down to the social unrest and riots – it’s all a strategy for the French government to consolidate power. On a related note, Revolver recently published an interesting article about a well-known right-wing influencer who advised his French and European followers to resist the urge to step in and help the administrative state deal with violent migrants. He proposed that they let the Republic collapse, as it seems destined to do.


Papacito’s message to his followers in France and Europe is pretty dry. Instead of confronting the violent migrants and left-wing “antifa types” taking on the government, he tells them to sit back and watch. He thinks they should let the Republic fall as it is meant to, and then they can set out to put it back together. That’s when the “fight” begins.

The piece is called “Riot Update: French Right-Wing Influencer Tells Followers ‘Do Nothing’: Let Republic Fall As Intended…” and we encourage you to read it here.

It is interesting to note that Papacito’s message to his followers fits perfectly with Darren’s theory: that the French regime is taking advantage of a crisis they orchestrated to strengthen their tyrannical grip on power.

It’s a pretty sneaky and underhanded strategy to control people, isn’t it? Cause a massive and dangerous uproar, then pretend to be the knight in shining armor to the rescue with these “drastic solutions” that must be implemented for the “greater good”.



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