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Freedom Caucus Shows Its Hand in Debt Ceiling Fight – The Donald – America First

Freedom Caucus Shows Its Hand in Debt Ceiling Fight – The Donald – America First

That’s exactly what they do and it’s an irritating issue because not only do most people not know or understand that medicare/medicaid and social security have their own separate tax line and all that, the politicians themselves are the ‘only reason programs are failing. for multiple reasons.

Social Security and Medicare basically work like giant pyramid schemes, except instead of getting rich at the top at the expense of the bottom, they just paid a lot less into the program to get a lot more. By design, this requires an ever-increasing tax base that consistently contributes to remaining solvent in the future.

So again, the government is destroying the source of all its tax money while spending on debt and borrowing from these programs.

After destroying their tax base over and over, people end up unemployed and all that perpetuates the cycle.

I saw an interview with someone in the Republican senate during Clinton’s presidency who was talking about how they were really trying to get people off benefits because every citizen on benefits is essentially twice as expensive. Not only do they not pay taxes, but they also require government subsidies in one form or another to continue living.

The real way to “fix” these programs (I’d say they’re technically not broken, the rest of them) isn’t to raise taxes and whatever other crap they say needs to be done, it’s to fix the economy and get people back on their feet. work in skilled jobs with good pay.

This imaginary fantasy land where he supports a family of 4 by working 40 hours as a cashier needs to die.

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