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Frank Gaffney: Marxists Will Launch Coup In US Military During Trump’s Second Term.

Frank Gaffney: Marxists Will Launch Coup In US Military During Trump’s Second Term.

Title: Frank Gaffney’s Claim: Marxists Allegedly Planning Coup in US Military During Trump’s Second Term


Frank Gaffney, a renowned conservative political commentator and founder of the Center for Security Policy, has recently made a controversial prediction. He alleges that Marxist elements within the United States military are plotting a coup d’état during President Donald Trump’s potential second term. While Gaffney’s claims have gained traction among some conservative circles, it is important to critically examine the evidence and evaluate the likelihood of such an event.

The Allegations:

Gaffney argues that during President Trump’s second term, a group of military personnel who subscribe to Marxist ideology will attempt to overthrow the government. According to him, this coup is part of a broader effort by Marxists to undermine American institutions and establish a socialist regime. Gaffney claims that these alleged Marxists have infiltrated various ranks within the armed forces, influencing critical decision-making processes.


While Gaffney’s claims may capture the imaginations of some, it is essential to view them in a factual light. The allegations lack concrete evidence and rely mostly on conjecture and speculation. The United States military, renowned for its adherence to professionalism, loyalty, and upholding the Constitution, would pose a significant challenge for any subversive group aiming to stage a coup.

Moreover, Gaffney’s assertions contradict the principles that guide the armed forces, including a strict adherence to the chain of command, the defense of democratic institutions, and the preservation of order. The military’s hierarchical structure, training protocols, and strong leadership are designed to prevent insubordination and maintain the nation’s security.

Gaffney appears to conflate the presence of individuals with various political beliefs within the military with a widespread Marxist conspiracy. The US Armed Forces comprise individuals of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and ideologies who collectively work towards a common mission: defending the nation and protecting its interests.

Critics argue that Gaffney’s claim appears to be politically motivated, intending to propagate a fear-based agenda that portrays left-leaning ideologies as fundamentally threatening to the country’s well-being. Such rhetoric can further polarize public discourse, fuel distrust, and hinder productive dialogue on important issues.


Frank Gaffney’s prediction of a Marxist coup within the US military during President Trump’s hypothetical second term is an assertion that lacks substantial evidence. While it is natural to remain vigilant in safeguarding democratic principles, it is crucial to rely on factual information, critical analysis, and credible sources when evaluating claims made by pundits.

The United States military has long demonstrated its commitment to its mission, professionalism, and non-partisanship. Gaffney’s theory contradicts the military’s core values and seems more rooted in the realm of speculation rather than reality. It is essential for responsible media consumers and citizens to approach such allegations with scrutiny, remaining focused on factual information and well-established democratic processes.

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