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Fox News reporter suggests nobody can beat Trump: “Come back in 2028″…

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A Fox News reporter just shook up the 2024 primary campaign with one very bold suggestion. During a conversation with Bret Baier about the race, John Roberts essentially advised all the candidates running against Trump to give up and go home. John may be onto something, as President Trump’s lead continues to grow. In a head-to-head against Trump, only 26% think DeSantis is the strongest to run against Biden, while a whooping 69% say Trump is the stronger horse, according to Monmouth. Trump is also leading in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina with staggering numbers.

To make matters worse, Ron’s favorability numbers have been steadily falling.

DeSantis has now slumped to a new low:

Now, the DeSantis camp is struggling with severe money woes.

The money problems are so bad that DeSantis just fired another 38 staffers.

Team DeSantis has lit tens of millions of dollars on fire. In return, DeSantis has seen a collapse in polling. The people left to suffer are a few dozen low and mid-level staffers. If Ron actually cared about spending the money wisely, he’d refund every dollar he has left and go back to governing Florida, which is what he was elected to do.

Many folks saw the DeSantis collapse coming, while others thought he could rebound. OANN’s Chanel Rion says DeSantis never stood a chance against Trump.

Clearly, the establishment and regime plot to destroy Trump’s popularity and momentum with a string of sham indictments has failed miserably.

Trump is now beating Biden in several major polls, and look at those numbers with independents.

John now wonders if this is a clear sign that all other primary opponents should pack it up and try again in 2028. That’s exactly what he suggested to Bret Baier, who could hardly contain his contempt.

And speaking of “signs,” is Fox News now moving on from DeSantis as well? Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy is now practically begging Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin to step in the race and save us all from “Trump.”

That’s precisely what President Trump thinks is happening, and he said so in a recent statement.

As of now, there’s no sign that anyone on the 2024 campaign trail will take John Robert’s sound advice, but when the money runs out, will they really have a choice?



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