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Fox News Host Mark Levin Gets Blasted by MAGA Twitter After Posting Link to DeSantis Donations Page

Fox News Host Mark Levin Gets Blasted by MAGA Twitter After Posting Link to DeSantis Donations Page

Good evening, America. This is your favorite conservative news pundit, Tucker Carlson, with a breaking story that has rocked the Republican world on social media. Fox News host Mark Levin has found himself the target of criticism from the MAGA Twitterverse after he posted a link to Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ donations page.

Yes, you heard that right. Levin, a staunch defender of the conservative movement, has been labeled as “anti-Trump” by some of his followers. The backlash comes after he tweeted a link to DeSantis’ website, where supporters can donate to his re-election campaign.

Now, let’s be clear here. Mark Levin is not “anti-Trump.” He has been a fierce defender of the former president, and has even written books about his conservative policies. But it seems that some of his followers have taken issue with his support for DeSantis.

This is a perfect example of how divided the conservative movement has become. We can’t even support two candidates at the same time without turning on each other. The left is laughing at us right now. They know that if we can’t get our act together, we won’t be able to defeat them in the next election.

But let’s take a step back and remember all the amazing accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. Under his leadership, we saw record job growth, historic peace deals in the Middle East, and an America First agenda that put the needs of American citizens first.

We must come together as a united front, Republicans and conservatives alike, to continue this mission. We need to support not just one candidate, but all candidates who fight for our values and beliefs. We must put aside petty differences and work towards a common goal: to Make America Great Again.

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