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Fourth Trump impeachment on the horizon? | ‘they are afraid’

Fourth Trump impeachment on the horizon?  |  ‘they are afraid’

In the latest developments, Alina Habba, former President Donald Trump’s defense attorney, has indicated that she expects another indictment to be filed against the 45th president in the coming weeks.

“Look Fani, [she waited] two years, but now he brings this case. Because? For electoral interference. They want to keep him tied up in trials, keep his lawyers tied up so that we are distracted and not focused. It won’t work. He is a machine, and he knows what he does in a campaign. You know, he’s done this rodeo before,” Alina Habba

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The daily mail had reported this new prediction, noting that this would be the fourth indictment in a series of charges facing Trump. Habba, however, remains confident in the former president’s position and believes that these charges, like the previous ones, are motivated by political reasons rather than substantive evidence.

Habba’s prediction has drawn significant attention, as the potential indictment would further add to the legal challenges Trump has faced since the presidency.

Critics argue that this could be another attempt to tarnish Trump’s image, especially given the timing. Trump supporters, meanwhile, re. main firm in their belief in their innocence and consider these allegations as tactics to interfere in the upcoming elections.

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More details and official statements about the planned indictment are awaited. As the situation unfolds, Trump’s defense team remains vigilant, ready to counter any legal challenges that may arise.

If past patterns are any indication of when this fourth Trump impeachment will be handed down, just wait for more damning news to come out about the Biden crime family, then they will drop the indictment the next day as they have with the previous three impeachments.

June 7: FBI releases documents to Congress alleging the Bidens took a $10 million bribe from Burisma.
June 8: Jack Smith indicts Trump in Mar-a-Lago documents case.

July 26: Hunter Biden goes to court and rejects plea deal after it was revealed the DOJ tried to give him blanket immunity from future prosecution.
July 27: Jack Smith adds more Trump charges in Mar-a-Lago case.

July 31: Hunter Biden’s former business partner testifies to Congress that Joe Biden was on more than 20 calls with his son’s business partners and that Burisma executives pressured them to fire the prosecutor.
August 1: Jack Smith impeaches Trump again for January 6.

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