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Former Gender Clinic Worker Goes Public with Horrifying Testimony

Former Gender Clinic Worker Goes Public with Horrifying Testimony

A former gender clinic worker has recently gone public with her shocking testimony, revealing the disturbing and unethical practices taking place in gender clinics across the United States.

The former gender clinic worker, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a mental health professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. She worked as a therapist at a gender clinic for several years, and was appalled by what she witnessed there.

The therapist claims that she saw countless instances of unethical and potentially dangerous practices taking place in the clinic. She alleges that the clinic was making decisions about hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries without proper mental health assessments. She also claims that the clinic was prescribing powerful hormones without proper monitoring and follow-up, and that there was a lack of informed consent for many of the procedures.

The former gender clinic worker also alleges that she witnessed the clinic engaging in “conversion therapy”, which is an outdated and discredited practice that attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. She claims that the clinic was using these practices in an attempt to “cure” gender dysphoria, and that this was done without the patient’s informed consent.

The former gender clinic worker’s testimony has sparked outrage in the medical and mental health communities. Many have called for an investigation into the allegations, and for the clinic to be held accountable for any unethical practices.

The former gender clinic worker’s story is a stark reminder of the need for greater oversight and accountability in the gender clinic industry. It is essential that gender clinics provide safe and ethical care to their patients, and that they are held to the same standards as any other medical or mental health facility.

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