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FBI paid government contractor who used NSO spying tool on agency’s behalf |

In an intense swirl of irony, the Federal Bureau of Investigation found itself caught up in its own web of inquiries only to discover that it was behind the funding of a controversial spying tool. The tool, known as “Landmark”, was purchased by a contractor of NSO, an Israeli hacking firm, for use by the US government despite the national blacklist days earlier.

Made infamous by recent reports, NSO was restricted by the Biden administration after blatant misuse of its spyware by governments around the world. While Riva Networks, the infamous contractor was singled out in the fiasco that unfolded, it is clear that the US establishment is at the point of its sword to turn a blind eye to the implications of using these tools

Built by NSO, Landmark allowed officials to cover up and stab people using surveillance in Mexico, a fact that now has FBI white hats claiming ignorance of its use. The Bureau claims that Riva Networks misled them, which led to the inevitable termination of the contracts upon disclosure.

The issue at hand raises many questions—one of the main ones being the FBI’s choice to hire a contractor that had made headlines to buy similar code-named NSO tools. The lack of oversight is evident in this situation and has yet to be fixed. It is also unclear whether other government agencies were conspirators in deploying the spy tool in Mexico, The New York Times reported.


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