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FBI agents thought Swalwell had ‘sexual relationship’ with Fang Fang, but Dem senators stalled investigation: report

FBI agents thought Swalwell had ‘sexual relationship’ with Fang Fang, but Dem senators stalled investigation: report

Jerry Dunleavy, author of Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden’s Fiasco, and former justice reporter for the Washington Examiner, revealed a disturbing new “first” about the alleged FBI investigation into House Representative Eric Swalwell (D- CA) and his alleged ties to a woman connected to Chinese intelligence known as “Fang Fang.”

The report raises the alarming possibility that the Justice Department will politicize another investigation into a Democratic elected official.

“Scoop: Some new details below on the Chinese spy sagas involving Eric Swalwell and Dianne Feinstein, and the FBI’s handling of the allegations,” Dunleavy wrote in a lengthy thread. “The revelations raise serious concerns about how senior FBI officials may have politicized these two investigations by limiting the ability of FBI agents to fully investigate the CCP’s spying on two high-profile Democrats.”

“Background: Both Christine Fang aka Fang Fang (of the Swalwell saga) and Russell Lowe (of the Feinstein saga) were believed to be co-opted by the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS): The response of the ‘the CCP’s secret police and intelligence agency for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations around the world,’ he noted.

“Fang and Lowe were interacting and talking specifically with the 12th MSS Bureau (a CCP espionage bureau with a heavy emphasis on foreign influence operations and political influence),” he continued. “Fang was a Chinese citizen who reached out to a variety of American politicians and was personally close to Swalwell, and Lowe was an ethnic Chinese American citizen and a key staffer for Feinstein in her Senate office in California and was Feinstein’s representative to the large Asian American community in the state.Both also had contact with Chinese intelligence officials at the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, and Fang and Lowe knew each other and they were photographed together at China-related events.”

“In both cases, the FBI investigations essentially ended when FBI leadership decided to provide defensive briefings to Swalwell and Feinstein (citing their key roles in House Intel and Senate Intel respectively) rather than allow that investigations into Chinese espionage efforts continue,” he said. allegedly based on a source connected to the FBI.

“New details on Swalwell and Fang Fang: Axios did a very good story on this in 2020, but much of what follows is new,” he said. “One thing that wasn’t actually in the Axios story, but that my source has confirmed: The FBI strongly believed, based on the evidence they collected on Fang, that there had been a sexual relationship between Swalwell and Fang.”

“According to the former FBI official in the counterintelligence world, the FBI had FISA surveillance running on Fang (targeting numerous politicians in California and elsewhere, including Swalwell), according to the source , and many of their actions and communications. were being intercepted and monitored,” he continued. “FISA related to suspicions that Fang was an agent of a foreign power (China). The FBI did not believe that Fang was a Chinese intelligence officer, but rather a willing tool of the Chinese intelligence services.”

“Fang was on the radar of the CIA and the NSA, as well as the bureau,” he added. “FBI believed MSS also knew members of Fang’s family.”

“The FBI opened a parallel public corruption case directly related to all of this and made Swalwell a subject of the case, the source said, including investigating the possibility of illegal foreign donations from the Chinese government , possible quid pro quo and possible bribery,” he said.

“Fang was involved in fundraising activity for Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign, and FBI agents believed that Fang facilitated a small illegal foreign donation (between $100 and $200) to Swalwell, the source said. The congressman’s D.C. office also offered an internship for Fang’s family friend, the source said, with the FBI believing the internship was offered as a favor to Fang.” , it continued.

“Swalwell was soon appointed to the House Intelligence Committee by Nancy Pelosi, and this led to the FBI’s top leadership deciding to give Swalwell a defensive briefing in 2015, effectively closing the dual investigations of the office,” he added. “According to the source, there was a heated disagreement over this briefing decision by the FBI agents involved, many of whom had wanted to continue investigating.”

“Fang quickly left the United States when he heard what was going on,” he noted. “The Justice Department never publicly charged Fang with anything.”

Dunleavy then turned to note that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) had her own dubious connections to Chinese assets. Feinstein, 90, will retire from office and will not seek re-election.

“New details about Feinstein and Russell Lowe: Politico and other outlets wrote about Lowe starting in 2018, but again much of the information below is new. Feinstein’s staff was being watched by the FBI for many years (since at least 2008), according to the source, with a case opened against Lowe by the bureau because he met with a Chinese intelligence official in San Francisco,” he said.

“Lowe was believed to have discussed a range of topics with Chinese intelligence officials while working as Feinstein’s staffer, according to the source, including Feinstein’s views, U.S. politics, international politics, relations between US and China, political views and controversies related to China, such as currency manipulation,” he continued.

“The FBI investigation into Lowe moved slowly for a few years,” he added. “This FBI investigation eventually went from being a counterintelligence case to a counterintelligence case, the source said, and the FBI was legitimately concerned about what Lowe was doing.”

“According to the source, the bureau worked to obtain a FISA against Lowe: The FBI drafted the FISA targeting Lowe, and the bureau was dealing with the DOJ’s Office of Homeland Security Division Intelligence to end the surveillance warrant, but the FISA was never presented to the FISA Court and the FBI withdrew the FISA at the last minute in a highly unusual move,” he added.

“There was initial approval to search Lowe’s home, the source said, but that was canceled when then-FBI Deputy Director Sean Joyce decided to give Feinstein a defensive briefing in the second half of 2013,” he continued. “The FBI agents working the case were angry that they were not allowed to conduct the undercover investigation against Lowe.”

“FBI agents were instructed to simply interview Lowe and then close the case, the source said. The reasons for closing the case were not well documented in the FBI file for this Feinstein employee, and what the FBI reported to Feinstein was also not documented in the record,” he continued. “Lowe left Feinstein’s office after she received his defensive information.”

“The FBI believed that Lowe knew he had met with Chinese intelligence officials, the source said, and that there was a tacit agreement between Lowe and the Chinese,” he said. “The FBI thought Lowe was being directed by China, and what’s more, the FBI thought the Chinese also believed China was directing him.”

Dunleavy then offered his analysis of the report.

“Final thoughts: Former FBI official from counterintelligence world says FBI’s handling of Chinese spy sagas involving Eric Swalwell and Dianne Feinstein are blatant examples of politicization within office and show the FBI’s shortcomings and struggles in dealing with Chinese intelligence operations in the United States, especially those targeting American politicians, and especially when the 7th floor of the FBI went insert to close these two investigations through defensive briefings,” he said.

“The former FBI official also pointed to the double standard in how FBI defensive briefings were used in high-profile cases involving political figures: a defensive briefing given to then-candidate Trump in 2016 was actually a pre-text briefing that the FBI used to advance its Crossfire Hurricane investigation into the Trump campaign, while the defensive briefings given to Swalwell & Feinstein effectively ended the FBI’s investigations on Christine Fang and Russell Lowe,” he concluded.

The Justice Department is running with politicized investigations under the Biden administration. Joe Biden’s likely re-election opponent, Donald Trump, is the focus of multiple targeted investigations, including a criminal investigation led by a partisan district attorney named Alvin Bragg, an investigation into his 2020 election contest and one stemming from the riots of the Capitol.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is seeking a “sweetheart” plea deal for the president’s son, Hunter Biden, amid allegations investigators are looking for evidence of bribery by Joe Biden.

The FBI famously attacked former President Donald Trump over his classified documents, but treated former Vice President Joe Biden with kid gloves over a more serious classified documents scandal. There is even emerging evidence that Hunter Biden’s investigators wanted to target Joe Biden for evidence of bribery rings, but were blocked by Democrat-linked attorney Lesley Wolf.

Anything is worse than a “two-tier” justice system. America now under the Democratic Party does not have a “no justice” system.


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