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Fauci’s Endless Victory Tour | Right cable report

Written by Pierre Kory via The Brownstone Institute,

What a dystopian nightmare to see “America’s Doctor” try to continue his Covid victory tour…

It is surprising and not surprising that it does all this and leaves a generation of children with lower IQ scores, an American life expectancy that fell three years in a period of two, hundreds of thousands of deaths per vaccines among working-age Americans. threatening the life insurance industry), millions of vaccine injuries, increased disability rates, an explosion of cancers, and sudden plummeting birth rates.

So I went after him.


Maybe he’ll get the grade this time, especially given the frosty receptions he’s gotten lately from free-spirited interviewers, usually with kid gloves. Enjoy.

Dr. Anthony Fauci left the government in December, but his media tour is going strong, albeit with a different tone and tenor. The fawning adulation and questions about his exercise regimes and bobbleheads have been replaced by skepticism and outright doubt from a media that never dared to question the omniscient man who once to be dubbed “America’s doctor” by the New Yorker.

Fauci recently appeared on CNN to complain about “an impersonation of me as a person who essentially shut everything down.” He was responding to a lengthy session with the New York Times in which he declared: “Show me a school that I’ve closed and show me a factory that I’ve closed. Never. I never did. I gave a public health recommendation that it echoed the CDC’s recommendation, and people made a decision based on that.”

For all his faults, Fauci is no fool. You don’t spend 54 years installed in the federal government without learning how to do politics.

Three years into the worst of the COVID pandemic, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases knows that policy decisions guided by his medical recommendations are getting worse by the day.

Herein lies his problem. When his ideas were all the rage, Fauci had no problem claiming responsibility. Now that the ugly consequences are looming, he feels like washing his hands.

Faced with falling math and reading scores between 2020 and 2022, Fauci is especially quick to deny any role in the school closings. Last fall, Fauci raised eyebrows for denying that school closings “irreparably harmed anyone.”

However, as of September 2020, Fauci recommended that schools only open once the virus is “under control.” Earlier this year, he had chastised Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, warning that the premature reopening “probably” led to widespread infection of students.

Today, even left-wing sources admit that “the kids are safe. They always have been.”

Then came the vaccines. From the beginning, Fauci’s entire COVID mitigation strategy was based on an experimental vaccine brought to market under the brand name “warp speed.” Never before had there been an approved mRNA vaccine, and now it was being pushed relentlessly from the White House podium with the full support of the pharmaceutical industry.

It was always highly illogical to deploy a static vaccine to a mutagenic and constantly changing coronavirus. Then came the checks that vaccines couldn’t write. Fauci told us they would stop transmission. He implored us to “follow the science.”

Today, the science is clear: the COVID vaccine does not prevent the transmission or contagion of the virus. Still, even now, Fauci continues to lament that “only 68 percent of the country is vaccinated” and says that “we do very poorly” compared to the rest of the world.

European countries such as Switzerland, usually regarded by American academics as worthy of emulation, discourage their citizens from getting the vaccine. There’s a reason noted vaccine expert Robert Kennedy, Jr. it is already winning the support of nearly one in five Democratic voters.

In my private practice, having treated more than 500 vaccine-injured patients, I have seen the unintended, but brutal, damage they often cause up close and personal. However, to raise any of these questions is to risk your livelihood. This is Fauci’s biggest stain on our country.

Fauci fostered an environment where doctors who deviated from the preferred party line were persecuted and even criminalized for offering a different point of view. Silencing free speech and thought is the antithesis of America and dangerous to science, innovation and medicine.

Fauci blamed “misinformation and disinformation” for “really damaging so many things, including people’s trust in science,” but under his watch, laws were passed that authorized government agencies to strip doctors of their medical licenses to question the wisdom of vaccines.

These efforts left a deep and lasting impact on medicine and on the patient-doctor relationship. Suddenly, doctors were forced to choose between offering their best advice or losing their ability to practice medicine.

Anthony Fauci’s legacy is one of narcissism and power. The glorification of his massive ego trumped any scientific or medical data. His policies were giveaways to the pharmaceutical industry, which helped burnish his image and crush dissent. He saw his chance to star and took it. Now, instead of admitting mistakes, Fauci intends to revise history. Unfortunately for his legacy, we are all living with the consequences of his arrogance, and they are impossible to ignore.


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