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Farage ousts 2nd bench leader


(BREITBART) – The chief executive of Coutts, the exclusive bank that canceled Nigel Farage’s accounts for political reasons, has said he has “ultimate responsibility” and is therefore resigning, the number two figure in the biggest bank to go through the Farage scandal in as many days.

The fallout for the politicization of banking, seen as the ousting of Brexit leader Nigel Farage over his views, friendships and use of Twitter, continues, with the resignation of a second chief executive of the bank in two days

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Peter Flavel, the now former head of Coutts, the prestigious bank that closed Farage’s business and personal accounts and is part of the NatWest group, said that while he was “exceptionally proud” of his leadership of Coutts, “however, we fell short.” the bank’s high standards of personal service” and that “as CEO of Coutts it is right that I take ultimate responsibility for this, and that is why I am stepping down”.

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