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2/ Many have noticed that today’s AI has an awakened leftist bias. Systems like ChatGPT and Bard have taken clear positions on political and social issues.

This is very worrying. As @elonmusk said “The danger of training AI to wake up, i.e. lie, is deadly.”

3/ However, an AAF investigation has uncovered a serious contributor to this trend: @PartnershipAI.

In 2016, Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft founded the “Partnership on AI,” which was later joined by Apple, the Ford Foundation, OpenAI, IBM, Adobe, the ACLU, and others.

4/ According to the association’s former chief of staff @sjgadler (who now works at OpenAI – creator of ChatGPT), the usually competing big tech companies formed the association because none of them had the “political capital” to do what they want make alone

5/ According to the Association, “we must be sensitive to the possibility that there are hidden assumptions and biases in the data and therefore in the systems built from that data.”
6/ In 2022, the Association published a white paper “Making AI Inclusive.”

According to the paper, “These principles are based on the work of many thought leaders in the fields of indigenous AI, feminist HCI, crip technoscience, data justice, and critical race theory who have…

7/ … much more substantial publications discussing the importance of these dimensions.”…

8/ At a workshop on “Algorithmic Fairness”, Partnership researcher (who now works in AI at @Sony), @alicexiang, warned that their “techniques” could be “interpreted from a legal perspective as forms of “affirmative action” and recommended ways to get away with it.

9/ In another workshop on “data colonialism”, Professor Nick Couldry stated that “code operations necessarily reproduce the neo-colonial conditions of their creation”.

10/ Couldry also told tech companies that AI developers should follow the teachings of Karl Marx.

11/ In a workshop titled “Toward a Critical Career Methodology for Algorithmic Fairness,” Google AI scientist Emily Denton, who appears to have become “Remi” Denton (them/them), said that AI should “focus on the processes of racism” rather than accepting facts about different races

12/ “They/Them” also stated that “Race is central to algorithmic fairness”

13/ Not surprisingly, the companies that founded and financed the Association follow its recommendations.

@Microsoft website (which supports OpenAI) blames white men for ‘biased’ AI…

14/ To @Meta, “In the context of AI, our responsible AI team has developed and is continuously improving our Fairness Flow tools and processes to help our ML engineers detect certain forms of potential statistical bias in certain types of AI models”…
15/ According to @Google’s website, “AI has the potential to worsen existing societal challenges, such as unfair bias”…

16/ Google also says “Addressing fairness, equity, and inclusion in AI is an active area of ​​research, from fostering an inclusive workforce… to evaluating training datasets for potential sources of unfair bias … Google is committed to moving forward on all fronts.” these areas”.

18/ The Awakened do not sleep and never miss an opportunity to seize more power. It is vital that the American people become aware of what is happening before it is too late.

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