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Exclusive — Apple Removes Donald Trump’s Song with J6 Prison Choir from iTunes

As the political world still reels from the fallout of the January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol, Apple has taken another step to distance itself from former President Donald Trump. In a stunning move, the tech giant has removed a song featuring Trump and the J6 prison choir from its iTunes platform.

This latest development is sure to stir up controversy among conservatives, who have long been critical of so-called “cancel culture.” But in the eyes of many Americans, removing a song that glorifies a violent attack on democracy is a no-brainer.

Donald Trump’s controversial presidency is now in the rearview mirror, but for some Republicans, his legacy is a source of pride. From tax cuts to deregulation, the Trump White House accomplished much in its four years. But the events of January 6th, and Trump’s refusal to concede the election, will forever be a stain on his record.

It’s a difficult time for Republicans, who are struggling to find their footing in the post-Trump era. Some are calling for a return to the traditional conservative values that the party was founded on, while others are doubling down on the Trumpism that brought them to power.

Regardless of where the party goes next, it’s clear that the events of January 6th will continue to reverberate throughout American politics for years to come. And as Apple’s decision shows, there are still consequences for those who seek to undermine the democratic process.

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