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EXC: Hunter Biden Was Managing Director At Chinese Military Proxy Planning To Wage ‘Warfare’ Against America And Make China The ‘World’s Leading Country.’

EXC: Hunter Biden Was Managing Director At Chinese Military Proxy Planning To Wage ‘Warfare’ Against America And Make China The ‘World’s Leading Country.’

Deleted strategy papers from CEFC China Energy – a Chinese Communist Party-run company where Hunter Biden served as Managing Director – detailed plans for China to “surpass” America as the “world’s leading country” while coordinating forms of “warfare” to influence other countries away from viewing the Chinese Communist Party as a “threat.”

CEFC China Energy recently made headlines following a New York Post exposè highlighting how Hunter Biden leveraged his father’s name to ink deals with the Chinese government-linked entity, and several whistleblowers have confirmed these accounts.

The company, founded by the now-missing Chinese tycoon Ye Jianming, has been identified as collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) since its founding. Beyond functioning as part of China’s vast political warfare operation, CEFC China Energy was also actively strategizing ways to overtake America on the world stage.

Deleted webpages from the company’s now defunct website reveal members of the Chinese Communist Party-run firm plotting how China could “surpass” America, become the “world’s leading country,” and influence other countries to not perceive of the country as a “threat.”

In written commentary for the website entitled “America Has Succeeded in Engaging China,” the author examines the rise of China through an antagonistic lens with the United States.

”China now uses America to measure its great revival. How about after revival? How about after surpassing America? How can China build its identity, concepts, and worldview?,” it posits while broadly rejecting an America-centric view of world affairs.

“Whether the Chinese people like it or not, China is going from a revival phase to a post-revival phase and from a developing big country to the world’s leading country,” argues the author.

“By Americanizing China, America need not resolve the threat brought by China’s rise. America can maintain its traditional “must not be Number Two” identity. Moreover, America can put up China as another global enemy, which is what happened in the negotiations on climate change, in order to disperse the global attacks and lighten the pressure on America. China’s Americanization made the China-threat theory spread,” explains the piece.
Additional commentary – “How to Resolve the “China-threat Theory” – blasts the depiction of the Chinese Communist Party as a “threat” as fundamentally untrue.
“There is no objective standard to define “threat.”The “threat” is only what the public thinks is “threatening.” Public opinion is not fact. It is neither true nor objective. It is spread, twisted, enlarged, shrunk, or even fabricated by mass media. The “China-threat theory” is just a creation of mass media,” argues the piece before outlining the necessary steps to take to “protect the country’s image.”
The piece even compares these tactics to “warfare”:

“China has to rely on collective power and engage in this media warfare systematically and comprehensively. Only then can it be effective in protecting the country’s image. And these are the steps that China should take in this warfare.”

One of the tactics proposed includes a “mechanism for guiding foreign public opinion about China.”

”Through an analysis of the conditions of spread of different countries’ public opinion related to China, the relationship between building a country’s image and the different overseas dissemination platforms, channels, and contentcan be analyzed. Using these as the bases, various resources controlled by China can be integrated and China can plan how to act simultaneously on offense and defense. Thus can be formed a coherent mechanism in guiding overseas public opinion on China,” continues the piece.

“Therefore, in the process of conducting media warfare, China should use its collective power to form a team to guide foreign public opinion,” reiterated the author.

Other articles on the now-deleted website include plotting how to weaponize energy and currency to help China’s standing on the global stage rise such as “China Should Take the Initiative in Gaining Oil Pricing Power” and “Political Path for the Internationalization of Chinese Renminbi.”

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