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EXC: DOJ Wipes Information From ‘Citizen’s Guide To Child Sex Trafficking Laws.’

EXC: DOJ Wipes Information From ‘Citizen’s Guide To Child Sex Trafficking Laws.’

Title: EXC: DOJ Wipes Information From ‘Citizen’s Guide To Child Sex Trafficking Laws’


In a shocking turn of events, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has recently come under scrutiny for allegedly removing critical information from the ‘Citizen’s Guide to Child Sex Trafficking Laws.’ This deeply concerning revelation raises questions about the transparency of government agencies and their commitment to combating one of the most appalling crimes affecting our society.

What is the ‘Citizen’s Guide to Child Sex Trafficking Laws’?

The ‘Citizen’s Guide to Child Sex Trafficking Laws’ is an important document produced by the DOJ, which aims to inform and educate citizens about the severe consequences and devastating effects of child sex trafficking. It serves as a comprehensive resource outlining the legal landscape and offering guidance on reporting suspected cases and supporting victims.

The Alleged Omissions

Recent reports claim that the DOJ has tampered with this valuable resource, removing crucial information pertaining to child sex trafficking laws. These significant omissions within the guide raise concern about the government’s commitment to tackling this heinous crime effectively.

Implications for Transparency and Accountability

The removal of vital information from a resource such as the ‘Citizen’s Guide to Child Sex Trafficking Laws’ is deeply alarming and calls into question the transparency and accountability of the DOJ. The general public relies on authorities to be truthful and forthcoming, particularly when it comes to matters as grave as child exploitation. The deliberate deletion of relevant data undermines the trust citizens have in their government’s efforts to combat child sex trafficking.

Importance of Public Awareness

Raising public awareness is crucial in the fight against child sex trafficking. The ‘Citizen’s Guide’ plays an important role in educating and empowering individuals to recognize potential signs of trafficking, report suspicious activities, and offer support to victims. By removing these critical sections, the DOJ is hindering public awareness, potentially enabling perpetrators to continue their crimes with impunity.

Government Responsibility and Accountability

It is imperative that government agencies take responsibility for their actions and demonstrate accountability. Child sex trafficking is a significant issue that requires an all-hands-on-deck approach from both law enforcement agencies and the public. Hindering access to crucial information hampers society’s ability to address and combat this pervasive form of exploitation effectively.

Public Outcry and Demands for Transparency

The public has a right to demand transparency from the DOJ, emphasizing the importance of restoring the full content of the ‘Citizen’s Guide to Child Sex Trafficking Laws’. Civil society organizations, child welfare advocates, and concerned citizens ought to voice their concerns and demand an explanation for these alleged omissions.


The alleged removal of significant information from the ‘Citizen’s Guide to Child Sex Trafficking Laws’ is a matter of great concern and must be addressed swiftly and transparently. The fight against child sex trafficking requires a comprehensive, collaborative effort, and the DOJ’s actions hinder progress in this critical area. The public demands answers, and the restoration of this vital information is crucial to ensuring the safety, support, and justice for countless victims of this abhorrent crime.

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