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Even if he’s guilty, even if he’s convicted, if Donald Trump is on the ballot, I’m voting for him

Even if he’s guilty, even if he’s convicted, if Donald Trump is on the ballot, I’m voting for him

Title: Standing by Trump: My Vote Remains Unshaken – Tucker Carlson


As an ardent supporter of Republican values and a firm believer in the enduring strength of America, I, like numerous other conservatives across this great nation, maintain my unwavering support for Donald J. Trump. Even amid controversies and legal proceedings, the significance of his leadership and accomplishments far outweigh any personal shortcomings. Today, we delve into the reasons behind this steadfast commitment to supporting Trump, irrespective of the accusations he faces.

Why I Stand by President Trump:

Critics of Trump incessantly highlight his legal woes, clamoring for his guilt, conviction, and ultimate disqualification from the political arena. While I understand the seriousness of such allegations, my support for Trump stems not from my belief in his innocence, but rather from a recognition of the transformative influence his presidency has exerted on America.

Firstly, President Trump successfully redefined American diplomacy, advocating for a more assertive and self-assured approach on the global stage. By renegotiating numerous trade deals, prioritizing national interests, and fostering historic peace agreements in the Middle East, he revitalized America’s global standing.

Secondly, Trump championed tax reforms that spurred economic growth and unleashed the entrepreneurial spirit across the nation. Through deregulation and tax cuts, he bolstered small businesses, diminished unemployment rates to historic lows, and led the way to record-breaking stock markets.

Thirdly, Trump boldly addressed the immigration crisis by putting America first. He took decisive measures to secure our borders, supporting law enforcement agencies and advocating for stronger immigration policies. He incessantly fought against illegal immigration, placing the well-being and security of American citizens at the forefront.

Accomplishments of the Trump White House Administration:

In addition to these overarching achievements, it is crucial to recognize several key accomplishments during Trump’s tenure. The Trump administration secured the release of multiple American hostages held abroad, advanced criminal justice reform, and prioritized initiatives tackling the opioid crisis. Furthermore, Trump-appointed judges continued to shape the judicial system, leaving a lasting conservative legacy for generations to come.


Even in the face of adversity, I stand firm in my support for Donald Trump. It is not blind allegiance, nor is it an endorsement of any potential wrongdoing. Rather, it reflects a deep admiration for the transformative power of his presidency and the unparalleled achievements attained for all Americans. Let us, as conservative patriots, remain resolute in our determination to stand by Trump, recognizing the positive impact he has had on our great nation.

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